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At the University of Chester Open Day, I really enjoyed how easy it was to find everything. There are bright signs everywhere and staff make it very easy to find help.

One thing that I found really great and comforting is that when you attend an Open Day here you can talk to lecturers from the course you’re interested in studying, and can ask any questions you might be worrying about. I was extremely anxious about starting university but having that conversation about classes and assignments really settled my nerves.

When you attend an Open Day, you can have a look at some of the accommodation options that are around the University. What I found extremely helpful was that I was shown around one of the closed accommodation options as I have accessibility considerations. This was very useful for me and gave me the opportunity to see where I would be staying the following September. It shows just how accommodating the University of Chester is; they want to make sure that the University is the best fit for you, which definitely influenced my decision to study for my BSc (Hons) Psychology degree here. 

The final thing I really enjoyed about the Open Day was the campus tour. It seems like a small thing but the tour shows you all the buildings your lessons will be held in, so you have less chance of getting lost. It also shows you around the whole campus and you see things that you might never realise were there. The student ambassadors conducting the tour also share their experiences with you as they have gone through what you’re experiencing. Plus, when you are on the tour you can ask them lots of questions about the study experience, night life, social events, etc. The tours take place every half an hour. Each tour lasts about an hour, so you have enough time to see everything and gain as much information as you need.

As I’m now a student ambassador, I understand the other side of Open Days as well; they’re great because there are so many people available to answer your questions or to direct you to where you need to be, and generally try and make you feel more comfortable whilst you are visiting.

It is genuinely a really good University to study at and you’ll fit in quickly because there is always something to do or a new person to talk to. It is really refreshing that it’s so easy to talk to staff – it makes the studying experience feel like you are working together to get your degree rather than just attending lessons and being told what to do and when to submit assignments like high school might have felt. Everyone here just wants to make sure that you are comfortable and are getting everything you can out of your university experience.

Order a prospectus and come along to an Open Day to see whether this is the University for you.

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