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When it comes to choosing where to live during term time, students have a range of options. One of the most popular options is university-owned accommodation. In this blog, I am going to share my experience of living in university-owned Hollybank Court accommodation.

Hollybank Court is one of the more popular university-owned accommodation buildings amongst students, as it is located just a few minutes’ walk to the main campus. The accommodation offers en-suite rooms; each room comes with its own bathroom. However, the kitchen is shared with other students. Each room is equipped with a comfortable bed, a desk and chair, and plenty of storage space for personal belongings. The shared kitchen and common areas are also well-equipped, providing students with what they need to cook. As the accommodation is self-catered, there may not be the same level of interaction as catered options. But personally, I really liked socialising with my roommates in the kitchen and cooking meals together. One of the other benefits for me was the flexibility in terms of mealtimes and options; I could cook my own meals at times that suited me, especially during busy uni days.

The accommodation is managed by friendly University staff, who are always on hand to help students with any queries and questions that students may have. The Accommodation team organises regular social events and activities, giving you a chance to meet other students and creating a community within the accommodation. Another advantage of staying here is that it’s a great way to meet and network with students who are living in other university-owned accommodation. From my own experience, I felt safe and secure during my stay in Hollybank Court, as I knew I would have been guided and supported if there were any maintenance and repairs issues or emergencies. As an international student, it was important for me to feel the sense of community within the university, and I had a perfect experience with connection and integration into this new environment.

In terms of location, Hollybank Court is 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre, making it very convenient to access everything that you may need: shops, pharmacies, cafés and restaurants. Also, the accommodation is located opposite the entrance to the main campus. For me, the location was the most valuable thing about the accommodation; if I needed a book from the library, support from the Academic Skills team or advice from the Careers and Employability team, or I wanted to go for a swim, it took me just two minutes to access all these services. It made it easier for me to focus on my studies and complete my to-do list every day, as I wasn't wasting any time on the road.

To sum up, Hollybank Court is a fantastic accommodation option for a student studying at the University of Chester. With good facilities, a perfect location and a friendly community, it provides everything a student needs to enjoy and thrive during their studies at university.

Follow the link to find out more about Hollybank Court and take a 360° virtual tour

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