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In February, I’d made my choices for university placements and felt so excited after all the worry of open days, mocks and UCAS had passed.

However, the next few months were some of the hardest months of my life. I suffered from a family bereavement, I became a young carer, and I was experiencing anxiety, all in what I thought were the five most defining months of my academic life.

On results day, my heart broke. I hadn’t received the 2 A’s and a B I’d been predicted and had achieved in my mocks. Instead, I had 3 C’s.

My first choice would no longer accept me on the integrated Master's course or the undergraduate Bachelor’s course. I’d dreamed of going there for months and had had my heart set on being there since the open day in Year 12. I just felt so crushed and disappointed in myself.

My second choice was willing to take me but wouldn’t allow me to select my preferred modules. This only added to my low spirits and I felt as if my world was slowly falling apart. Everything I’d worked so hard for had been ripped away from me due to receiving lower grades.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, I drew up a list of all the universities that either specialised in my chosen modules or had others that I was particularly interested in. From there, I worked through which would accept me through Clearing.

At the top of my list was Chester, which specialised in Roman and Prehistoric Archaeology and would allow me to take more of a biological approach to forensics than any other university I had looked at.

Despite ticking all of my boxes I called the other universities on my list to see what they could offer. Chester offered me the course closest to the one I’d originally wanted and had the friendliest, most accommodating staff that I spoke to.

I’d never been to Chester and was worried about going to a university I’d never visited before, but I was able to go to a Clearing campus tour and speak to several current students which gave me a feel for Chester and the University. From this experience I fell in love with the University and, so far, I’ve loved every moment of my degree, despite the difficulties that come with higher education. Staff and students alike have helped me find the resources I need to better myself and make the most of my university experience, meaning that I’ve felt supported at every stage and made friends for life.

Thank you University of Chester for making my student experience an unforgettable one! 

If you'd like to discuss what options are available to you in Clearing, our phone lines are open. Call us on 01244 567 470. Our friendly team of advisers are happy to help! And don’t forget that you can come and visit us on a Clearing campus tour, just like Mystic did. Our campus tours are available to book online here.

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