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This National Student Money Week, as well as hosting our own events, we’ve partnered with Blackbullion, the financial education platform for students, to give our students and prospective students the tools they need to get financially ready for uni, and to weather any financial storms that might come their way.

Partnership with Blackbullion

As part of the financial support available at the University of Chester, our current students already have free access to Blackbullion’s resources but we wanted to let our prospective students know how they can also benefit from our partnership.

The first thing you’ll need to do is register with Blackbullion for an account. When you register, just let them know what stage you’re at in your application (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t even started yet!) and let them know that you’re considering the University of Chester.

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll have access to loads of resources, including a budget calculator, an easy-to-follow guide to fees and funding, tips for budgeting, insurance advice and more.

As part of National Student Money Week, Blackbullion run a series of events that you can learn more about here.

Updated 29th June 2023: The University of Chester is no longer in partnership with Blackbullion.

University of Chester Events

Keep an eye on our Money Matters pages for budgeting and money management tips and the latest issue of Student Money Matters, as well as resources for prospective students and their parents and carers. 

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