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Dr Lindsey Bennett, who graduated in 2019, based the book on the thesis she researched for her Educational Doctorate on the creative work she develops with her pupils in her role as an art and design teacher.

Making and Relational Creativity (Routledge) looks at the relationships that arise between art teachers and students through creative practices that take place outside of the traditional arts curriculum framework in schools. Lindsey details her own experiences and those of her pupils.

The book is aimed towards postgraduate students, researchers and academics in the field of arts education.

The book looks at creativity in settings outside of the classroom and how educators can adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of students. Lindsey used her own experiences of working with young people to develop the role of holistic teacher to meet the needs of student. The development of the role of holistic teacher is discussed in detail and will be of benefit to educators working in education.

Lindsey, from Hawarden, said: “Since commencing a career in education I always wanted to learn more about how arts education can enhance young people’s learning experiences. The first-class tutors on both my Master’s and EdD, in particular Professor Jeff Adams at the University, introduced me to democratic arts education, where students are empowered within the classroom. This is now an integral part of my teaching practice and I am now head of visual arts at Chester International School and lead teaching coach.

“The greatest challenge in writing this book was managing my full-time job, family commitments and writing on the weekends. I used to go to Gladstone’s Library and writing retreats offered by the postgraduate group at the University.

“Writing this book has been an incredibly rewarding experiences and I feel honoured to have been able to give voices to the students who were part of this study. It has reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of art education.”

Lindsey also serves as an educational coach using her skills to encourage creative self-expression through teaching and learning.

Jeff Adams, Professor Emeritus in the University’s Faculty of Education and Children’s Services, said: “In Making and Recreational Activity, Lindsey deftly navigates this difficult terrain and does so with lucid honesty, unflinchingly exploring the contradictions of her role as both creative artist and professional teacher.”

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