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Nutrition Fair

The Fair is hosted by final year Human Nutrition and Dietetics students, who are keen to encourage visitors to ‘forget the fads’ and explore different ways to stay healthy.

Taking place on Wednesday, February 5, from 10.30am until 12.30pm in the Small Hall on the University’s Parkgate Road Campus, students will be on hand to offer healthy lifestyle advice, free food tasting, interactive games and prizes to help encourage people to think about ways they can lead a healthier life.

Students with the most creative and inspiring stall will also be presented with the Innovation Prize, which is sponsored by Nualtra.

Stalls at the Nutrition Fair 2020 will include:

  • Decoding Diabetes

This stall aims to raise awareness of the nutritional management of type one diabetes (T1DM) to those with T1DM and their family and friends. Specifically, the stall aims to increase the understanding of carbohydrate metabolism in T1DM and inform visitors about the symptoms, consequences and treatments of hypoglycaemia.

  • Breastfeeding Awareness

This stall aims to reduce misconceptions and promote breastfeeding as a natural practice which is vital to the wellbeing of both mother and child. Visitors will be involved in activities exploring the practical side of breastfeeding, educational quizzes and provided with information to increase general knowledge of breastfeeding.

  • The Sustainable Student

The Sustainable Student is a stall aimed at educating and promoting small changes in students’ everyday life. Through informative posters, leaflets, recipes and activities such as a pledge wall, the stall aims to create an awareness of how easy it can be to incorporate small changes that have a big impact.

  • Seasonal Eating

A stall to promote the importance and benefits of seasonal eating as well as giving people the information and tools such as recipes to implement change in their diet.

  • P3

The average adult consumes 11g of fibre less than what is recommended. A low fibre intake has negative health implications. P3 will offer free high-fibre food and a quiz. P3 will educate on how to increase fibre consumption and the health benefits of doing this.

  • The HydrationHub

The HydrationHub aims to promote and educate the public about the importance of staying hydrated, specifically those aged 19 – 50 years. Educational resources, and activities that involve prizes will be available to aid the audience’s hydration journey.

  • The Dairy Dudes

This stall aims to emphasise the importance of including dairy within a child’s diet through using interactive and educational activities.

  • Oh, Sugar!

To increase the awareness of dietary sugar in juices, the portion sizes of sugar found in common food and drink as well as highlighting ‘sugar swaps’ for healthier alternatives.

  • Live Stronger for Longer

This stall is based on three age related diseases; Cardiovascular Disease, Osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes. The stall aims to promote healthy eating with a Mediterranean type diet as studies suggest this type of diet is sustainable and reduces the prevalence of such diseases.

  • Skin Food

This interactive stall aims to educate people on three areas: nutrients that promote healthy skin, foods to limit and how common skin problems/concerns can be handled via diet.

  • Smart Proteins

Protein is a popular topic in nutrition however environmental issues surrounding it are often overlooked. This stall aims to impart practical protein advice to allow visitors to make dietary changes that will improve their health and environmental impact.

  • Healthy Eating, Saving Money

This stall aims to demonstrate the possibilities of eating well on a budget. Guests will learn more about food dates and storage to reduce food waste.

Feedback from students attending previous events has included:

"I think the nutrition fairs are great; there’s a lot of variety with lots of different things going on. Many of the stalls addressed really important key issues relating to today's society, illness and diseases. There were also opportunities to try free food samples, which is always good when you are a student!”

For more information about the Nutrition Fair 2020, please contact the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition by e-mail: or telephone 01244 513090.


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