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When you come to Chester as a student, you’ll have the option of opening a UK bank account and there are many benefits in doing so.

Banking in the UK as an international student is straightforward and you have a number of options to choose from.

Why open a British bank account?

  1. If you use a non-UK debit card to withdraw cash you may be charged. With fluctuating exchange rates, you may also find it difficult to budget
  2. If you choose to get a part-time job, your employer will want to pay your wages into a UK bank account
  3. It’s much easier to set up recurring payments such as phone bill and gym memberships with a UK bank account

How to open a UK bank account at University of Chester

  1. First of all, you must be fully enrolled at the University
  2. You need to fill out a student bank account request form- you can pick this up from the International Centre or find it on portal, our online student app which you’ll have access to upon enrolment. On this form you’ll be able to select which bank you want to open an account with
  3. If you are living in private accommodation, you’ll need to show us a copy of your tenancy agreement. You’ll need to make sure your overseas and term-time address on portal is correct and matches the information on your form
  4. Once you’ve given us/submitted your bank request form and tenancy agreement (if applicable), the International Centre will take 2-3 working days (likely to be longer during September and October) to process an official bank letter. We’ll email you when it’s ready
  5. Pick up your letter from the International Centre and take it to the bank you selected. They will then open your UK bank account for you.

What documentation will I need to open a UK bank account?

  1. Current passport
  2. Tenancy agreement (if living in private accommodation)
  3. An official bank letter from the University confirming your overseas and term-time address

Which bank is best for international students?

This depends entirely on what you are looking for! Take into account fees, transfers and freebies when choosing your UK bank account. We suggest doing some online research. Save the Student have published a handy comparison of UK bank accounts available to international students.

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