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Your Chester Story begins the moment you apply to the University of Chester and is unique to you.

We’ve taken some of our favourite pictures that our staff and students have shared with us throughout the year using the #MyChesterStory hashtag.

Chester offers a wide variety of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At undergraduate level alone, there are 400 single and combined honours courses to choose from.

Don’t see your course below? Don’t worry! Share your photos using #MyChesterStory for a chance to be featured next time.

A few of our favourites from creative courses.

We love Miranda’s new project for the BA (Hons)Fine Art degree.

And Courtney’s sketchbook work for BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing, and Communication.


sketchbook work - lush environmental campaign, inspo

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Not to mention Jess’s photo of her dancing - BA (Hons) Dance.


------ #mychesterstory

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One of our favourite times of the year is when our students share their work in exhibitions and degree shows with us, like Alice’s photo below preparing for the BA (Hons) Photography degree show.

And Amilah’s, at her BA (Hons) Graphic Design exhibition.

A few from inside the classroom.

Throughout the year, we offer subject-specific lectures to students in a range of academic disciplines to help enhance their student experience.

Here are BSc (Hons) Psychology students listening to Professor Moira Lafferty's inaugural lecture.


Prof Moira Lafferty's inaugural lecture #sports #psychology #equestrian #rugby

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And BA (Hons) Theology and Religious Studies students attending the public lecture on "Can a non-Jew be a Jewish Theologian? Reflections on 50 Years Studying Judaism."

But let’s not forget that every classroom looks different, as we can see in Emma’s photo where she is taking part in a student’s study for the BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Sciences degree.

Or Liz’s image of the last practical lab session of the BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics course.

And not every classroom is indoors.

A few from outside the classroom.

Whether it’s BA (Hons) Archaeology students excavating test pits during Welcome Week.

Or BSc (Hons) Geography students in Spain investigating gully asymmetry

The big outdoors offers a lot we can learn from.

Laura, BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science student, experiences the farm as her classroom.

Whilst Reaseheath Zoo offers a great learning environment for Mia, a BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation and Ecology student.

Every course at Chester is unique and offers flexibility to suit your study. We offer students a high-quality academic experience shaped around our specialist campuses and facilities. You can find out more about the courses we offer here.

If you would like to share your course’s fieldtrips, activities, or guest lectures throughout the year, tag @uochester and #MyChesterStory and we could be highlighting your photo next year!

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