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If you haven’t applied for student finance yet.

Apply now to make sure your money is in place as soon as possible. It can take up to 6 weeks to approve any new applications, so it’s time to get applying if you want to get a Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan near the start of your course.  

If you change your university or course.

Great news – you’ve gone through Clearing and accepted a place at a university! Your next step should be to log in to your student finance account and update your application as soon as possible.

On your application you will need to change the university as well as the course. Importantly, you will also need to enter the tuition fee being charged by the university.

Watch the following video which provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to update your application:

If your living situation changes.

You need to update student finance on where you’ll be living on your application if your circumstances change. Do this at the same time you update your university and course.

For example, if you’re living away from home, let student finance know so you receive the correct Maintenance Loan.

Use the student finance calculator to see what affect this could have on your Maintenance Loan.

What happens once you’ve updated your application?

Student finance will review your application and be in touch to let you know if there’s any change to the amount you will be paid.

Tip: if your application is based on your household income, make sure student finance receive your parent(s) or partners income details as soon as possible.

Want to check the progress of your application?

Simply sign in to your online account.

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