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While we understand there are some things you can’t leave for university without; your favourite mug, that pint glass you got for your 18th birthday, pictures of your family, friends and pets but your space will be limited so we've created a room by room list to help get your packing sorted.


  • Your favourite mug – You can buy more to use as a house if you need to when you arrive
  • Tea & Coffee! A brew is always helpful when meeting new people.
  • Storage containers – Helps to ensure you don’t waste anything to save money and time if you want to meal prep!
  • Pans – Don’t take too many, you will fill your cupboards very quickly.
  • Cutlery and Utensils - cheese grater, tin opener, veg peeler, pizza cutter, BOTTLE OPENER!
  • Plates and Bowls – Don’t pack too many! You may end up sharing and the more plates you take the higher your pile of washing up will be!
  • A baking tray
  • Bin bags – Even if others bring them you will get through these quicker than you realise.
  • Tea Towels – You never know how many you will need for drink spillages!
  • Recipe book – Can’t cook? Why not try to learn a few dishes so you can surprise your friends and family when you next go home? Take a look at WHSmith’s top 10 here
  • Scissors and Sellotape

Top Tip! - If you are sharing accomodation and can find out in advance who who are sharing with, why not create a group chat before you move in to work out what exactly what each of you needs to bring so you don't duplicate (if you are happy to share). Take a look at some of our accommodation here to get an idea of what is included and how much space/ storage you may have


You will know what you like to have in your room but below are just a few of the things that our students brought to university to make their room feel like home.

  • Duvet, pillows, fitted sheet & duvet covers – Why not choose something with a bit of personality to brighten up your room.
  • Mattress protector – It's a good idea to keep your mattress protected as some landlords will take money from your deposit if they find you have damaged their property.
  • Decorative items -  Things that hang on door handles, photos, lights/ a lamp, posters, scatter cushions to accessorise your bed etc (Check what you are allowed, you may need battery powered candles and over door hooks to hang thing if you are not allowed to stick them to the walls)
  • Plants!
  • Your favourite books – Sharing a house with new people can be overwhelming so a book can help when you need some down time.
  • A speaker – This is a great addition to any kitchen party or predrinks, just make sure your music playlists are up to scratch!
  • Clothes hangers for wardrobe – You don’t always get them and if you do there’s never enough!
  • Over door hooks for coats etc.
  • Maiden/ Clothes Horse/ Airer… This is just one of those things you will realise everyone has a different name for!
  • Washing Basket – You may find you have to carry your clothes to the laundrette if your halls/ house doesn’t have a washing machine so a good washing basket/ bag is handy to have.
  • Ear plugs – Might be a good idea if you are a light sleeper
  • Medicines & a basic first aid kit - You may need some paracetamol for Freshers week and it's always good to have plasters, antiseptic wipes etc to hand
  • Stationery -  Note pads, pens/pencils, folders, desk tidy – Just to keep everything organised!
  • Under bed storage boxes – Make use out of any space as if you cant get them under your bed you could always put them at the top or bottom of your wardrobe.  
  • A door stop – An open door will help you make friends on the first day you move in (We've heard a boiling kettle or a crate of beer or bottle of wine also do the same job)!

Top Tip! Watch our TikTok on making your room feel more like home here 


Obviously, you will need the essentials, shampoo, shower gel, hand wash, toothpaste & tooth brush etc. but there are a few things that may help sharing a bathroom that little bit easier if you have to:

  • Small mirror – Not all bathrooms will have a mirror on the wall so its good to bring your own free standing one just in case
  • Toilet cleaner & toilet brush (You may already have one in your halls so just check) – Your shared facilities will often get a deep clean by cleaners each week but it’s good to keep on top of things yourselves
  • Towels/ Bath Robe -  Hand towel, bath towel/sheet, bath mat (keeping your own bath mat means you know you’ve always got one clean)
  • A basket – Its helpful to be able to keep all your things in a basket in your room to take in and out of the bathroom with you. If you are sharing your bathroom you may find the side of the bath becomes over crowded with everyone’s stuff if you try to keep it all in there.


  • Sunglasses (To hide your freshers’ bags)
  • Extension lead – Just in case your room doesn’t have plugs in the right places for you.
  • A good rucksack – This will come in handy not only to carry your Uni essentials but also to carry home your shopping if you don’t drive!
  • A TV? Halls may or may not have a TV and I know some people can’t go without!
  • Laptop? It is helpful to have your own laptop sometimes just in case the library is busy or you want to work from home. However, I know some universities allow you to hire out their own laptops too! Find out more about our library services here
  • Purse/Wallet – Cards & ID are a must for Freshers!
  • All chargers

Top Tip! Find out what some of our student's couldn't leave home without

Other things to think about:

  • Student Bank Accounts: A student bank account and overdraft will be the best deal you ever get, don’t be afraid of making the most out of the help there is available! Take a look at your options here
  • Rail Card – If you haven’t looked into Rail Cards get that done ASAP, the amount of money my Rail Card saved me was ridiculous!  You can sometimes even get a Railcard free with your bank account.
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