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When I came to the University of Chester, I had a 14 day mandatory quarantine at 37, Liverpool Road, Chester. Throughout this, the Residential Life team were so amazing. They gave us such good hospitality and made us feel like we’d arrived at a home away from home. The quarantine packages ranged from kitchen utensils, mattresses and bedding, to different kinds of food. We ate like kings and queens.

My term-time university accommodation was at John Douglas Court, which is self-catered. On my first day in the accommodation, I fell in love with the serenity of the environment - it was peaceful and untroubled. The room contained all my belongings yet I still had extra space. The desk and chair were well-positioned and I felt ready to start my studies.

We had two shared toilets and a bathroom which was so neat and clean. Under normal circumstances, our accommodation would have had a cleaner visit every week but this was stopped due to the pandemic. The kitchen facility was awesome. We had a microwave, toaster, oven, fridges and cupboards.

I had two flatmates. They were both so understanding and we became friends and lived happily to see each other every day.  I remembered during the lockdown when the cleaners were no longer coming around for a weekly clean up, we met and discussed how we would clean the house every day. Everyone was willing to help out and keep the house neat.

The Residential Life team visited us every once in a while to ask how we were getting on. On a number of occasions, they called me on the phone to ask how we all were and we were happy that they checked on us. I remember an occasion when our microwave was not working properly. We made the Residential Life team aware and they bought a brand new one the next day to replace it.

During the Christmas holidays, the Residential Life team surprised us with Christmas gift baskets full of assorted foods, fruits, vegetables and beverages, along with cards to wish us a Happy Christmas.

The distance between the University and my accommodation was just a two minute walk meaning I could easily get to the library to read any time of the day.

I enjoyed staying at John Douglas Court. The experience I had there was unforgettable and made me feel very at home.

If you would like to find out more about the accommodation options available, we have an Accommodation Information Event on Tuesday 23rd March 4.30pm - 6pm on Microsoft Teams. You can book your place here



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