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"This may come as a surprise, but it’s been wonderful that my daughter has gone to university during the COVID-19 pandemic. She now has a focus, a routine and a purpose. She is learning again, meeting new people, facing new challenges and enjoying new experiences. These things are necessary for us all but especially so, I believe, as a young adult beginning a new chapter of their lives. What has made this such a positive experience in strange and uncertain times is the highly organised and safe environment that the University of Chester has provided her with. 

The University has exceeded our every expectation. My daughter had been accepted to study nursing but had a change of heart just before A Level results day. The University’s support in her wish to transfer to a different course was phenomenal, they made everything so simple for her at a difficult time. So, I was already incredibly impressed before my daughter began.

Since starting her new chosen course, I have been blown away by the systems and procedures that the University must have worked so hard at to be able to give students a safe but amazing experience with such a personable feel - not easy in such times but the University has definitely achieved it in my eyes!

As well as my daughter who is in her first year at Chester, I have two other children who are currently at university too - a son in 4th year and another son in 2nd year at two different universities. In comparison to Chester, both of my sons have had very little contact.

My daughter’s learning experience at Chester has been excellent, especially in the situation we are in, and the University really has exceeded my every expectation in every area. There is the perfect mix of contact, online options and even social activities at the University to help her make friends and meet new people. My daughter is happier than I could have ever anticipated and most importantly I feel that she is safe."

For more information about our procedures for keeping our students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic you can visit our info for parents and carers area.

You can also find out more about how we’re ensuring our students still have a university experience where they can have some face-to-face teaching, gain work experience, meet new people, play sports and try new activities, here.

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