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Throughout my first year in BA Business Management, there have been numerous activities, which have supported me to understand my true business potential and to join the path of a budding entrepreneur.

In our Essentials of Entrepreneurship module, we were awarded and appreciated for our passionate dedication throughout the module. I was surprised in March when I received an email stating that I had been nominated for the BU4012 Essentials of Entrepreneurship Awards, as the incentive of receiving an award had completely skipped my mind. In the end, I was presented with two awards, the Most Inquisitive Award, and the Entrepreneur of the Year award. During this award ceremony, I had the honour to receive the Most Inquisitive Award from Bishir Sulaiman, my idol guest speaker, who had delivered a guest lecture during our BU4012 module.

Another such awe-inspiring opportunity was the Venture Adventure 2022 experience!

Getting the opportunity to travel all the way to Almeria, Spain, and have an exceptional entrepreneurial experience was amazing.  We met different local businesses, pitched our business ideas and took part in adventurous activities and teamwork.

All the participants of Venture Adventure 2022 have had their own realisations and learnings about their business ideas and were able to develop their skills accordingly. My personal learning from the VA22, is that any idea has the potential to develop into a business, if there is sufficient research and a gap in the market for the idea to be launched and be successful.

All of these experiences throughout my level 4, have made me realise the amount of practical exposure a student at the University of Chester receives throughout their studies.  The field of business is always brimming with new opportunities, it is just on us to reach out and catch the best opportunities!   

This year, in level 5, I have chosen to specialise in Entrepreneurship and will be preparing myself for my placement year in the corporate world next year.

I enjoy being a part of the Chester Business School team, which has always supported me and provided so many opportunities and I look forward to continuing my work as a student ambassador and the student representative for my course during my business studies for the upcoming three years.

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