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We are commemorating the centenary of the end of World War One by acknowledging the sacrifice 77 former staff and students made when they died in the First World War. These alumni are all named on a memorial plaque in the University Chapel and their lives have been researched.


As part of these commemorations, a group consisting of staff, students and alumni, have created a number of textile poppies to represent each alumnus named on the memorial plaque. This week on the blog, alumna Pat Ransome (1972), who has played an important role in the project, shares an update with us…

“We are already in May and the commemorative events to remember our 77 alumni are just a few short weeks away!

“The sewing group has completed and received many more than the 77 individual poppies we had initially hoped to create, and it has been amazing to see how people from both the University and beyond have contributed to our project. At the last count we had almost 200 poppies, many of which will be used as part of the Chapel Service and exhibition next month. Thank you all for again showing the breadth of your skills and your enthusiasm.


“Another member of the group, Elaine, is currently mounting the 77 poppies to be displayed in the campaign chest which Rob, a cabinet maker from Liverpool, has informed us is nearing completion and will be ready by early June. The collection bags to be used at the Chapel Service are also being made by various members of the group, with at least one already completed and ready for use.

“Hazel, the florist who joined us at our last meeting, is planning the main floral display for use in the exhibition at Riverside Campus, using our poppies and some of the artefacts we have collected, such as shell cases. Further floral displays for the Senior Common Room and Chapel are being planned.


“At a recent conference, hosted by the University and The Royal British Legion, our project sparked much interest and contacts were made, who will be contributing towards the exhibition next month. At the conference, we put together a display to illustrate the work of the poppy group and we hope to put together something similar for the Riverside exhibition next month. We would really welcome ideas and help putting it together from the poppy group. If anyone has any item(s) to contribute, we would be really appreciative.

“This has been a fascinating and interesting project to be involved with, and again, many thanks for all the help and support. Who knows what our next project might be…?”

Our World War One Centenary Commemoration exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday, June 23, from 1-4pm at the Riverside Campus.

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