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Why did you chose to study Master of Business Administration (MBA) with us?

Having already studied for my undergraduate degree at the University of Chester (BA Honours in Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management), in which I was awarded a first, it felt a natural progression to continue at Chester for my master’s degree, especially as I was awarded the rare opportunity to study for the MBA straight after my undergraduate degree. Not only do I feel at home there and love Chester as a city, but I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the close-knit community at the Queen’s Park Business Campus. Finally, having had a look at other similar courses, I felt my values aligned more strongly with this course, with modules such as creative thinking and marketing being areas that specifically interest me.  

How do you organise your postgraduate study alongside friends and family, and other commitments? 

Alongside undertaking this course, I also had commitments as a self-employed content creator and social media manager and therefore strong time management and organisational skills were a must. My top tips would be to utilise a planner to ensure you can visually see when assignments are due, so that nothing springs up on you, especially as you can find that a few assignments are due in a short-time frame. Additionally, being proactive by starting assignments in plenty of time really helps alleviate pressure as not only do you have time to ask for support, but you can also review and alter your work to enable you to submit the best piece possible; also, if something comes up externally then you are not putting yourself under extra pressure.

How well are you supported as a postgraduate student? 

I can credit the University of Chester staff for my success. All the staff are willing to take the time both in and out of lectures to provide help with academic or personal discussions which can be specifically important for overseas students who may need extra support due to the logistics of living outside of the UK. Furthermore, the University has a vast number of resources online and accessible from home, including the course content, a large virtual library, university emailing system and proof reading services. 

How is your time at Chester helping you to reach your career goals? 

Modules such as ‘Leadership in Action’, ‘Creative Thinking’ and ‘Strategic Management’ have expanded my knowledge and improved my skills as a future business owner, preparing me well to work within an ever-changing business world. The options for off-site visits, as well as benefitting from an array of guest lecturers, allows you to network with other business professionals which can open doors. Once graduated you still have access to most services such as help with CV building and regular relevant job adverts. Overall this course has helped me provide myself with the best start in my chosen business career.  

If you'd like to find out more about our Master of Business Administration take a look at our course page. You can also visit us to find out all about postgraduate study.

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