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Why did you chose to study MSc Engineering Management with us?

This Masters course is the next step for me in preparing to be a successful senior manager for engineering organisations operating in highly competitive international environments. 

I have an engineering background, having studied BSc Telecommunication Engineering from The National University of Computer and Emerging Science (FAST), so pursuing a master’s in Engineering Management will broaden my knowledge and skills further. It will provide both strong business and engineering expertise, project and supply chain management, as well as other parts of company management.

How are you enjoying your Master's degree?

I’ve enjoyed learning and applying theory to innovate in business, manage and understand people, project management and supply chain management. 

The staff are really helpful; they always make their lectures dynamic and fascinating, and encourage students to ask questions. They provide easily accessible online materials, peer assistance and one-to-one appointments.

Outside of my course I have participated in the Chester Difference Award which shows your commitment to participating in extracurricular careers and employability activity whilst at university, like careers workshops and networking.

My Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) has provided me with course-related help and guidance anytime I need it and referrals to services for any personal challenges which I may face.

How well were you supported as a postgraduate student? 

I received almost all types of support, especially study skills support from the University’s support team. As an international student, the APA referencing style method was new for me, so they provided me with online resources where I learned how to do it. They also gave me detailed feedback on my writing, which helped me a lot in assignments. In addition, I’ve also participated in career workshops, which have highlighted how to use my skills, plan for my career, what I can do as a university graduate and how to find a job.

How do you organise your postgraduate study alongside friends and family, and other commitments? 

My MSc programme only had classes twice a week, which gave me a lot more flexibility in terms of reading, learning and completing assignments. The extra free time allowed me to carefully schedule my learning around my career and social obligations.

How has your postgraduate degree helped you with your career goals?

Since I have a background in engineering, I will apply for management positions in the engineering industry in the field of technical or logistics management. So far, the course has provided me with the depth of knowledge and skills I need and I believe it has adequately prepared me to work in this field. I've also participated in some extremely valuable online career and skills events with the Careers and Employability service, which assists me in identifying and pursuing my career objectives.

If you'd like to find out more about our MSc Engineering Management take a look at our course page. You can also visit us to find out all about postgraduate study.

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