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I qualified as a dental hygienist and dental therapist in 2016 from Queen Mary University of London, and I am currently working as a dental hygienist in a private dental practice. I continued to work full-time alongside my study, working on my essays in the evenings and weekends.

I chose to take this course, as despite working in my current role for only a few years, I have found it very physically demanding, and I was finding myself tiring very easily. I realise I may not be able to continue this role until retirement and so I wanted to improve my future chances of employment in other associated dental roles. I am considering moving into a teaching position with other dental professionals in the future, as I feel it is something that comes very organically to me. Having this qualification may help to secure a suitable placement, and will definitely help my CV to stand out. Being able to work part-time and set my own schedules and deadlines, made this course ideal for me.

I would recommend the WBIS course to anyone who cannot afford to take time out from their job but still wants to progress in their career, or even pursue a new one. It was very useful to me in my current role, as it encouraged me to explore topics, I hadn’t realised would be so relevant to my work, and my personal life. Modules covering people management, social skills, and emotional intelligence, were not only interesting and enjoyable to learn about, but gave me effective tools to develop my own life skills.

My tutors were all excellent, and very easily accessible. My personal tutor was extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and very encouraging. I, unfortunately, had to cut my learning journey short of a full Masters, as I have had some long-term health problems, but the university was understanding of this and helped me to exit early using all the credits I had gained, and I am grateful to them for their compassion.

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