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The very first curiosity of a student after applying to a course is finding out what their university town offers. Like every one of you, I also Googled to know more about this city. Undoubtedly it is a known fact that Chester is one of the most beautiful historical cities in the United Kingdom. While history-lovers and nature-lovers may be dancing for joy learning this information, some extrovert socialites might think it sounds boring. Trust me guys, this city is the perfect place for all kind of students. If you don’t believe me, you can definitely check out that Chester is ranked as the second most student-friendly city. From exploring historical walls, ruins, and picturesque gardens, to modern 21st century shopping streets, restaurants and pubs, this city offers the best of both worlds. Let me give you a quick glance about the city that I’ve completed almost a year living in.

Why is Chester student-friendly? 

Let’s begin with university life. Students have access to beautiful well-equipped campuses with a blend of modern infrastructure and up-to-date technological resources, with balanced greenery providing a countryside feel. You’ll never face issues with accommodation as the University and city provides you with a wide range of accommodation facilities which are value for money. The rates are quite low when compared to other university-town living costs without compromising on the facilities provided. Another additional benefit of living around university is that all basic necessities are available at a short walking distance, also it's always refreshing to have a short walk. But for those of you who are lazy with your legs, the city has well established buses, trains and cab services to make transportation feasible to explore nearby areas. Also, I never got creepy vibes while walking through the streets of this city, it is one the safest places for students. 

Shopping in Chester.

For all you fancy shopaholics, it’s a dreamland of everything you ever imagined, trust me on that – it’s coming from a person who loves to carry the latest trends. Chester city centre has everything from high street favourite brands to designer boutiques. Explore the hidden streets where you may find quaint cafes, galleries and music venues while you are on a shopping spree. Also, I always look forward to visiting Cheshire Oaks which is one of the UK’s largest shopping outlets, just a 15-minute drive from Chester. Don’t miss out on the beautiful Christmas markets, parade, and Diwali celebrations, which also take place in the city centre. 

Nightlife in Chester.

When I came here, I heard Chester doesn’t have a happening nightlife, which we all crave after a hectic day for relieving our stress after submitting a long assignment. This wasn’t an issue for me as I always ended up visiting great pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Chester’s famous nightclubs are Rosies and Cruise -  always look out for exciting events they organise. I had a blast when I went for the Halloween event at Rosies and I was just a Fresher trying to explore the city at that time. Also, if you feel like you want to visit new places, you can catch a train to Liverpool or Manchester - the journey hardly takes an hour from Chester. 

Historical quaint places to visit.

Although I’m quite an extroverted person, there are days when my introvert side wants to visit some places that calms my soul. My all-time favourite place is the banks of the River Dee. Take a walk on the bank while feeding ducks, take a whip of fresh air while walking on one of the oldest bridges across the River Dee. One can enjoy a boat ride on the River Dee while admiring exquisite properties along its banks. Admire the city from Chester city walls and discover the past scattered throughout the city. The city is also known for its Victorian and Roman gardens where you can have a picnic with your friends, go for a jog or get an Instagram-worthy background for your pictures. Chester Cathedral is another archaeological treasure which you must visit. For all of you history-lovers, Grosvenor Museum, which was founded in 1885, is a must do. It has a beautiful collection of natural science, literature and art. 

Animal-lovers hub. 

I had an amazing experience when I visited Chester Zoo. It is committed to preventing extinction and is home to 27,000 animals spread across 125 acres of zoological gardens. The zoo also hosts a lantern festival during Christmas time which is not to be missed. 

These are a few of my favourite things about Chester. I hope you discover new places and have new experiences which will make your university days memorable. 

After a bit more insight? You can chat to Priyanka and many of our other students via Unibuddy, you can listen in to our students' thoughts about the city, and you can also have a watch of our students out and about in Chester.

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