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A healthcare professional studying at University of Chester has received recognition for research into a rare disease.

Mohammad Naser Athamnah, who is from Jordan and studies MSc Oncology, has had his first-ever paper published by a respected medical journal.

In doing so, he becomes the first person to have a paper published whilst studying at Chester Medical School.

The paper, titled ‘Axillary enlargement in gestational gigantomastia, an uncommon presentation of a rare disease’ was published by the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports (IJSCR).

The IJSCR is an open-access journal which publishes case studies and case reports across a wide range of surgical specialties. Any papers submitted in the IJSCR must be authentic, ethical, educational and clinically interesting to medical professionals and trainees around the world. The IJSCR is indexed in the British Library, Google Scholar and Science Direct.

Mohammad’s paper focuses on the rare disease of gestational gigantomastia, which is characterised by diffuse/extreme enlargement of one or both breasts during pregnancy. It explores the possible management of the disease, either through surgery or cautious observation. As the disease is so rare, very little research has ever been conducted and Mohammed’s paper is one of few which explores management of the disease.

Mohammad worked on the paper during his own, free time using the skills and knowledge he developed at Chester Medical School.

“I am very happy to have my first ever paper published and I would like to thank my mentors and teachers at Chester Medical School for their support and guidance. Modules such as Assessment and Consultation in Clinical Settings and Oncology taught by Hanady Hamdallah and Laurence Seabra have helped me document rare cases in a comprehensive way.

My experience here at Chester Medical School has helped me immensely as I continue my journey in the field of breast cancer treatment. Both my professional and life skills have been enriched and I will always remember the great moments I have experienced in Chester”.

Dr Michelle Cordingley, Lecturer at Chester Medical School and Mohammad’s’ Personal Academic Tutor:

“From the very first Personal Academic Tutor meeting I had with Mohammad, it was clear that he was determined to succeed and gain the most from his time here. He is keen to broaden his knowledge and skills set beyond those he has from his clinical practice back in his native country. It is great to hear that Mohammed has applied these new skills to write a published case report”.

Dr Hanady Hamdallah, Lecturer at Chester Medical School:

“Writing a case report is considered an ‘academic duty’ for junior doctors and medical professionals. However, research has highlighted that few healthcare professionals have received relevant training to be able to produce high-quality case reports. 

We offer this training to our MSc students, and we are proud that Mohammad is the first student to publish a case report at Chester Medical School. This will definitely motivate current and future students to start utilising the skills they have learned to engage in publishing good quality case reports themselves.  

Mohammad's achievement is aligned with the vision of Chester Medical School to create a generation of healthcare professionals and scientists who are able to understand, interpret and contribute to medical/ biomedical research”.

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