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Person wearing a purple t-shirt with the words Psychology Student on the back.

I love psychology, but what is it that makes it such a great subject? Here, I talk about my five reasons for choosing to study BSc Psychology, and how the University of Chester can support your future.

Psychology is a versatile subject

Psychology plays a part in everything we do, and links with many other subject areas. This is one of the first reasons that it’s such a great subject. You can study art, crime, animals, business, and the mind all in one degree. The BSc Psychology course lecturers at the University of Chester are industry experts, who have worked in different sectors within the scope of psychology. They teach specialist modules, so you can learn how psychology applies to any area/field that you’re interested in. This includes modules on Topics in Applied Psychology, Using your Psychology and Animal Psychology. It’s the perfect course because it gives you a broad view of how psychology influences the world around you.


Completing a psychology degree gives you many transferable skills and enhances your employability. For example, studying for a degree can help develop and show your time management, critical thinking, prioritisation, and communication skills. But psychology requires a wider range of skills across the degree. This includes research, analysis, problem-solving, presentations, and even reasoning. So, it’s no wonder it’s highly valued by employers!

Wide variety of career options

You might think that a career in psychology means going down the path of becoming a clinical psychologist. However, there are so many options within psychology. From some well-known careers like forensic, educational, counselling, and occupational psychologist to graduate jobs in analysis, marketing, research, and many others. This makes studying psychology perfect whether you do or don’t have a future career plan. You can study what you love and utilise your new skills and knowledge to gain a job that excites you at the end of your degree.

Learn about your mind and how it works

Psychology can give you a great insight into your brain and your behaviour. This includes finding the best ways to enhance your memory and psychology that predicts the factors that lead to different behaviours. Remember, a psychology degree does not replace medical advice or treatment but, it helps you discover and learn more about yourself biologically and psychologically.

Understanding others and their development

Some core modules during the course teach you about developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, which gives you an understanding of people, development, and group situations. This knowledge can help in many areas of life, including in the workplace, as it gives you an insight into how and why humans behave the way they do.

Overall, there are many benefits to studying psychology. It’s interesting to understand the world around you and study subjects you love. The Psychology course at the University of Chester ticks all these boxes due to its blend of compulsory and optional modules and a work placement module during Level 5, which gives you real-world experience of applying your degree in an area that interests you.



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