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We know Results Day is a stressful time, so we have put together a simple guide which outlines all of the essential things you’ll need to know for the big day.

1) Nerves are normal, but DON’T PANIC

Every single person, no matter how confident, will be nervous. Just remember that if you don’t get the expected grades there are so many different opportunities available for you.

2) Check UCAS Track before you go to collect your results

UCAS Track will update at around 08:00 on results day, so this will be available to you before you head to collect your results. Most of the time Track will update automatically, but don’t assume that if it hasn’t its bad news; Track is a database with thousands of entries so it may just take a little time. 

3) Collecting your results

Your actual result won’t show up on Track, so it is always best to pick up your results as early as possible, making sure you are prepared for any situation.

The things you will need to bring with you are:

  • Your UCAS Track login details

  • Your offer letter and full contact details for both your firm and insurance choices

  • Your mobile phone – fully charged and topped up

  • Got your grades? It’s time to celebrate!

 Over the course of the day Track will update and you will be able to accept your place. Make sure you read the confirmation letter from your University as it may contain information outlining what you need to do next.

4) You didn't get the grades? Don't Panic 

There are lots of options available for you. Speak to your firm choice university as soon as possible, they may still let you in or offer you an alternative course, which you can accept or decline on Track. You will also need to speak to your insurance choice to see if they have offered you a place. If not, check your Track status to find out if you’re eligible for clearing. If you are, check out our guide to Clearing here.

5) You did better than expected, so what now?

You may want to look at courses that require higher entry requirements. You can see what’s available by looking at UCAS’s Adjustment service.

6) If you’re unsure on anything just get in touch

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be happy to help any way we can. You can e-mail us at, or talk to us on Twitter @uochester

Best of luck on the day!

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