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“After studying at the University, I spent the summer job searching and came across a number of jobs that asked for at least two years of design related work experience. Although I had completed a five-week work placement during my second year, I still had nowhere near as much experience as some other designers may have. Did this stop me from applying? Certainly not. I believe that you should take every opportunity that you can, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a number of CV’s and portfolios were sent to different design related businesses, I finally got an interview at a small workshop which meant I would be working with CNC machines and designing wooden crafts. I felt I was over qualified for this job but as I said, you must take every opportunity possible.

After a successful interview, I was met in the car park by a managing director from a business next door called Air Covers Ltd. After a short conversation, I then proceeded to show my portfolio to the design manager who had been called outside to speak to me. I was then given a tour of the factory and workspace alongside a week of work experience. At the end of this eventful week, I was given my first design job and became their junior designer. I am now designing covers for aircrafts all around the world and so far, it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Air covers helicopter launch pad.jpg

Air covers on the helicopter on the launch pad
Everything happens for a reason.

In university, I was quite a hands-on designer but also had a great interest in 3D CAD modelling. Working at Air Covers has enabled me to use both of these skills. The first step in designing covers for an aircraft includes visiting the client and their aircraft with our laser scanner, which allows us to get a dimensionally perfect 3D Model. This then gets transferred into CAD and is used as a base plate for modelling a cover over the top. This is then cut using our CNC Machine and made by our very talented machinists. I have had a number of opportunities to fit these covers and hope to travel around the globe fitting even more when COVID-19 is over.”

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