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Is the International Tourism Management degree what you’d hoped?

The International Tourism Management degree has been exactly what I hoped for. Even with the uncertainty of the world right now the course is captivating and engaging. With the type of assignments that I have been given this year the diversity I would say is the best part; you don’t just do the same type of work over and over. I particularly like the ones where you take more of a hands-on approach such as Marketing, where you get to make an advertisement as part of an assignment. Another is Managing Service Experience, where you do a PowerPoint presentation with a group – which for tourism students who must be people-oriented is key. Learning all the different aspects of tourism is amazing and I had no idea until I started this course of all of the types of tourism there are and the impact of tourism on our planet. The number of resources and the help that you get from the University is top-notch with the lecturers being around to help and always willing to call and make sure you understand clearly what they ask of you. This does not mean that the lecturers spoon-feed us in the course, far from it. They treat and respect us as adults and hold us up to a higher tier. 

How will it help your future career plans?

I hope that this will lead to more opportunities in the hospitality industry. My future career goal is ultimately to be the General Manager of a 4- or 5-star hotel and this course will help with my career choice.

Studying International Tourism Management at Chester is showing me all the different areas of tourism you can work in, and the new types of tourism that are coming into the world that our generation will be the first to utilise. The opportunities that the lecturers give will help your resume no end. They help you make a LinkedIn account and go through it with you to guide you. This has helped me get in contact with a lot of people in the industry and has allowed me to start making connections. 

What has studying during the pandemic been like?

During the pandemic, studying has not been the traditional style or at times predictable, but still has given me what I would have asked for. A good thing about online learning is that once the lecture is done you can go back as many times as you want to watch the lectures again. As you do your assignments you can go back and understand, no matter where you are – even if you are travelling on a train or anywhere that has Wi-Fi. While you would think that you wouldn’t get to know your lecturers or students during online learning, it is quite the contrary. I feel you get to know your lecturers on a more personal level since everyone is comfortable in their space on the lecture calls.  

What was induction like and do you like your learning site and the city?

With the regulations of COVID-19, the induction, was a pleasant surprise as we were able to go into the University building at Queen’s Park. We followed the protocols of keeping our masks on and sat two chairs away from each other. The site is big but easy to get around and you know where to go. Since I came to Chester in August, learning and seeing all of Chester has been a priority. The city is small and compact but beautiful with little treasures all over. My suggestion is to get out and explore.   

How have you been supported by the University?

 I feel I have been supported a lot by the University, not just with academic work but with life in general. The lecturers have helped me as a university student, from helping me understand the work to checking in on how we are getting along, and being around for us to give them a call. The Accommodation team make sure that you are settled in and if you need anything fixed or want to ask a question, they are there ready on call and are quick to respond. The library has helped us understand how to find the books we need online, and the University also help with APA referencing and writing in general. No matter what predicament you are in, the staff at the University are warm and willing to help.  

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