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Science communication February kicked off with Dr Chrissy Stanley and Dr Anna Muir giving talks at the Chester SciBar on the evening of Wednesday 12th February. This event celebrated both Darwin Day and the International Day of Women in Girls in Science, so it was great to see two female scientists highlighting the diverse influences of natural selection! Dr Anna Muir started the evening off with an overview of how genetics can be used to inform conservation, with Dr Chrissy Stanley following up by explaining how scientists use social network theory to improve our understanding of animal relationships. We were both very proud to be the first speakers at Chester SciBar after a short break, especially since one of our current BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare students, Stevie Shepperson, was part of the organising committee. Stevie first heard about Chester SciBar in a science communication session in the level 6 module "Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology" and was keen to get involved; she has a great future ahead of her in this field!

Less than a week later, on Monday 17th February, Dr Chrissy Stanley spent the evening in another Chester pub as one of the speakers at Chester Zoo Conservation & Science Team's public event "Cocktails and Conservation". The theme was "The Birds & The Bees - a Valentine's theme of conservation stories told by those that make it happen". Chrissy argued the importance of (non-sexual) relationships in captive breeding programmes, using her research on Livingstone fruit bats as an example.

Both events were exceptionally well attended and it was great to share the exciting research we carry out at the University of Chester with new audiences!



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