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Starting your university experience can be a daunting process, it certainly was for me. I knew nothing about the city I was about to live in. Among most other students, I knew embarrassingly little about Chester, and being an International student made the selection of where to live even more challenging.

What should I pay for? Where is it safe to live? Is there anything I should avoid? How does the contract work? Where is this located in the city?

Numerous questions ran around in my head as I was looking at different private accommodation options, but then I realised that I do not have to make everything so difficult for myself. A year living in University accommodation was one of the best choices I made during my time here, as I did not have to think about all these concerns anymore.

I didn’t have to think about the distance between my accommodation and the University as my accommodation was on site and in a great location. I didn’t have to worry about unfair prices or sketchy contracts. I didn’t have to think about private landlords or poor maintenance.

By choosing to live in University accommodation, I managed to avoid the uncertainties that goes with private renting.

A year at Grosvenor House, the largest university accommodation at Exton Park (Parkgate Road), granted me a sizeable bathroom, an integrated kitchen, and a large bedroom – all for myself. It served as my own little safe space. A place where I can be at ease and not think about any landlords or flatmates – a place where I can settle down and get used to University at my own pace.

As well as having your own studio room, Grosvenor House is also known for being the most beautiful building at Exton Park (Parkgate Road), and I can confirm that statement is true. The building has its own reception, multiple elevators, modern interior, large windows, and a gigantic living room shared by all tenants. It is not rare to see a group of tenants having a good time in there, watching a movie, or simply socialising with each other. There is also a large football field outside Grosvenor House, so if you are lucky, your room might have a great view of the field!

Overall, I would strongly recommend new students should at the very least consider the option of starting their year with University accommodation. A year of living on site helps you get settled and really opens up opportunities for socialising as there is so much activity both in and around the campus. Not everyone enjoys living by themselves, so Grosvenor House might not be the option for you as it just contains studio rooms, but there are plenty of other accommodation options available. You can live by yourself in a studio room, opt for an en-suite, or choose shared facilities. It is all up to your preferences. Something that works for me might not work for you, and vice-versa, but I have not met any other student who regrets spending their first year at Grosvenor House.

If you would like to find out more about the accommodation options available, we have an Accommodation Information Event on Tuesday 23rd March 4.30pm - 6pm on Microsoft Teams. You can book your place here


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