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So, we all know ways to keep in touch with our friends, family and significant other – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, social media. But here’s some you might not have heard about yet.


Available on Android, iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, this is more than just a way to video chat. Houseparty has quizzes and games such as Heads Up, Trivia quizzes covering general knowledge and specific topics, and Quick Draw, the Pictionary game. These can be played one-on-one or with up to eight people.
Download Houseparty here.

Netflix Party 

We all love Netflix, but it may get a bit less fun watching it on your own. Enter Netflix Party, the Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix in sync with other people, and has a group chat for you to talk in. It’s a nice feeling to share an experience with someone, even if it’s just a film or a boxset.
Get Netflix Party here.


This nifty website allows you to create a virtual room where you can watch YouTube videos in real-time with your friends. You can all chat, queue videos and pause videos, too.
Here’s the ShareTube website.


Challenge your friends in this multiplayer word game for iOS and Android. This online version of scrabble won’t just keep you connected to people, it will keep your brain thinking. You can simultaneously play in up to 30 games, if you feel like a challenge.
Download Wordfeud here.


If books are your thing, then look no further. This social reading app is all about sharing your reading experiences with your friends or book club, where you can chat about what you’re reading and post images of your favourite passages. I know what you’re thinking, you could do that on any group chat, right? But with Bookship you can also read selected books for free, and with the built-in eReader you can share notes and comments with your friends right inside the book.
Get Bookship here.


This app lets you leave little notes on your significant other’s screen, so if you aren’t able to be with your partner at the moment something like this could really put a smile on both your faces. You can leave notes, drawings and images straight on their lock screen, which could be just what you need when you’re missing that special someone. 
This app is available for Android devices only. You can download it here.

To round things off, here are some things you can do to make your video calls a bit more like real life (something we’re all looking forward to getting back to).

Happy Hour

It’s Friday night, it’s 8pm. It’s happy hour. Pour a glass of your favourite beverage and get on Houseparty with your friends. 

Date Night

Try to schedule some quality time in with your significant other. You’re probably in touch a lot anyway, but setting a night in the week when you both sit down to a meal together (virtually, of course) will give you something to look forward to. You could even agree to make the same dish and see whose turns out better (presentation is key).

Chat Over Coffee

If you have a fancy coffee machine, make your finest flat white and catch up with your friends. If you don’t, just make the regular kind and do the same!


Some think that working out with someone makes you more likely to try harder, and that doesn’t have to stop now. You don’t have to sit around on a video call to your friend, you can both be doing squats, lunges, sits ups, all sorts.

We hope there’s something here that will help you stay connected to the people you care about during this extraordinary time. It’s easy to feel a bit lost at the moment, which is all the more reason to stay in touch with the people who make us happy.

Stay safe!

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