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Hi to you all and welcome to the new academic year 2020-21, at the University of Chester.

I don’t know about you, but for me the past academic year was a little bit bumpy. As an international student, firstly I had to get used to the new environment and get engaged into activities which would help me familiarise with my surroundings within the campus. The good thing with University of Chester, is that students can become part of societies which arrange for all sorts of exciting activities and helps you to meet and make new friends. Secondly, I had to get used to the UK way of living. This wasn’t so difficult though, because Chester is a small city, which has pretty much everything a student would need. But its not just that Chester is a convenient city, it is also very safe, clean and pretty. I soon became friends with my other co-students and I also met other students who also came from my home country. So, if you are a Fresher and an international student, don’t worry too much about familiarising yourself with the environment here at the University of Chester, because you will soon fall in love with it. 

Everything was running smoothly with our student lives, until COVID-19 appeared. It has surely brought some unpredictable changes in our lives! As an international student I had to make rapid arrangements to return back to my home country. However, the University of Chester and the accommodation team helped me overcome any obstacles that related to my accommodation in the halls of residence. They were giving me, together with the rest of the international students, steps that needed to be followed for an easy evacuation from the halls of residence. So, prior to leaving the halls of residence and returning back to my home country meant following many measures and new regulations. What was your experience of returning back to your home country?

Obviously when I returned back to my country, I had to stay for two weeks in a hotel, as part of the quarantine measures. But it didn’t end there, since we had to comply with other measures which restricted our movements. It was a nightmare, because I personally wanted to go and see my family, my cousins and of course my friends who were either studying in local universities or had also returned home from different countries. Sooner or later I was reunited with my family and friends and had a splendid summer, enjoying every minute of it at the beach under the blue sunny skies of Cyprus. Did you also enjoy your summer break?

However, the new academic year is here, and this means returning to our academic responsibilities. In fact, I have missed the University and the structure it offers to me as a student. I have missed my classes and labs and having chats with my classmates and tutors. I have missed my room in the halls of residence and short walks on campus. I have missed going to Chester city centre, meeting with my friends at the Eastgate Clock, as well as having long strolls down the river side.

So, I take this opportunity to welcome you all for the new academic year 2020-21 at the University of Chester. Lets make the most of it!

Good luck with your studies.

Stephanie studies BSc Chemistry and can tell you more about the course and her university experience via Unibuddy, where you can also speak to many of our other students.

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