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As I was growing up I realised in my late teens that I was passionate about becoming a doctor. Having completed my Bachelor's in Medicine and Surgery, studying abroad for a Master's degree was something inevitable for me. Receiving an offer to study a Master's in Oncology at a prestigious university was something I did not wish to let go of at any cost. The University of Chester experience is gratifying and rewarding, along with offering various opportunities to enhance communication skills by meeting people from around the globe.

The programme provides a good exposure and a wide breadth and depth of knowledge, and inspires me to treat patients with the best of my abilities. Medical and radiation oncologists serve the purpose of working together towards better care and treatment of patients and as a gatekeeper for other providers once a diagnosis is made. To witness the resilience and strength of patients and their families amid the devastation of a cancer diagnosis and its implications is always a privilege. Oncology is rewarding and in contrast to the prevailing perception, this ‘super’ specialism is incredibly gratifying.

Aastha Solanki shopping in Cheshire Oaks

Aastha Solanki shopping in Cheshire Oaks
Aastha Solanki shopping in Cheshire Oaks
The academic reading, writing and interpretation of data into literature is quite a challenge. However, the guidance received from academic staff is highly acknowledged. They are forever ready to provide support in the best way possible regarding any aspect of life at university. Numerous lectures and seminars with professional doctors along with guest lecturers and researchers are held. Students are also asked to attend clinical observations at the associate Countess of Chester hospital. The taught programme deals with in-depth understanding of cell biology and tumour formation along with issues dealing with cytokines and blood-borne hormones, mandatory for treatment of cancer patients.

Time flies and it’s hard to digest that it’s already been 10 months. Life at uni is always a mixed bag of experiences, but it is definitely worth the endeavor.



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