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Why did you choose the University of Chester?

There were a lot of factors actually, but what inspired me most was the fact that a few of my colleagues completed their Master’s with the University of Chester and they praised the course, teaching quality, and facilities provided by the University.

Why did you choose the course you are studying for?

As a doctor, after practicing for four years in my country, while treating patients suffering from Covid-19 pneumonia I realised that I needed to upgrade my knowledge regarding the best available current management of the disease and this course helped me a lot.

What opportunities were available to you whilst studying at Chester?

There were a lot. The library environment was perfect for study, there were separate rooms where we could study individually or as a group. We had sports facilities, where we could play cricket, as cricket is my most favourite sport. We also played badminton, table tennis and other games. Most importantly, I need to mention about the prayer room complex, it was very well maintained including the kitchen and bathroom.

What aspects of the course particularly interested you?

The course was research-oriented, as I was very interested in gaining knowledge of how research actually works, this course enriched my knowledge, and my supervisor was very friendly and helpful.

What are your experiences of the University/course?

I visited the University for the first time the day after I arrived in the UK. I found the University was sophisticated and offered students a lot. Classrooms, library, sport facilities and even the coffee shop, everything was very student friendly. As a module, I really enjoyed Assessment and Consultation in clinical setting, where I had to create an audit proposal and had to compare the current practice and whether it was following the NICE guideline or not. I have a plan to work in the NHS as a doctor, I believe this audit proposal will help me in the future.

What was your dissertation topic?

My dissertation topic was: Efficacy and safety of Methylprednisolone for treating severely ill hospital admitted Covid-19 patients.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I am planning to join NHS as a doctor, I already passed my PLAB 1 exam and I’m preparing for my PLAB-2 exam. In addition, I want to do PhD focusing on researching in respiratory medicine related diseases.

What advice would you give to future students?

My only advice would be to enjoy your course, attend all the classes and submit all the assignments before the deadlines. The staff are very cooperative, and the course is very much doable.

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