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We understand that there are lots of things to think about when applying for student accommodation. Would you like an en-suite? Do you like the idea of cooking for yourself or would you prefer a catered option? Do you like the idea of just being a minutes’ walk away from your lectures? With so many things for you to consider, we’d thought who better to ask for advice than the people who have been in your position. So we asked some of our current students to share their experiences with choosing and living in student accommodation. 

Do you already know what type of accommodation you’d like?

Some people know from the very start what sort of accommodation they’re looking for. For example, El from our Students’ Union, knew exactly what type of accommodation she wanted:

“Living in Fisher House in my first year was one of the best experiences whilst being at University. For me, all I wanted was an en-suite and Fisher House provided that, and meant I had all my meals catered - which also meant I had an extra year to learn how to cook! Fisher House was always a hive of activity and just what I wanted when starting University.”

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New to the area?

International student, Sigurd, talks us through his concerns applying for accommodation in a new country and city. 

“Starting your university experience can be a daunting process, it certainly was for me. I knew nothing about the city I was about to live in. Among most other students, I knew embarrassingly little about Chester, and being an International student made the selection of where to live even more challenging.”

Sigurd shares how studio accommodation was the best option to suit his needs when starting University.

“A year at Grosvenor House, the largest University accommodation at Exton Park (Parkgate Road), granted me a sizeable bathroom, an integrated kitchen, and a large bedroom – all for myself. It served as my own little safe space.”

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Are you looking to make new friends?

More often than not, our students describe the people they meet in their first year of university as friends for life. Georgie shares with us how her time living in shared accommodation in Church College Close in her first year saw her make worthwhile friendships and find housemates for her second year at University.

“The atmosphere in the houses is lovely. I am now in my second year living at Church College Close and I got along amazingly with both my housemates from our first year. We would decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas, and chat constantly in the kitchen or hallway!

In fact, I currently live with people who I met because we all lived at Church College Close in first year. Even though we were in separate houses, we all socialised constantly as it really is a community experience.”

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We’re here to help

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, our Residential Life team are on-hand from the moment you arrive to help you settle in and get the most out of your university experience.

“The Residential Life team visited us every once in a while to ask how we were getting on. On a number of occasions, they called me on the phone to ask how we all were and we were happy that they checked on us. I remember an occasion when our microwave was not working properly. We made the Residential Life team aware and they bought a brand new one the next day to replace it.”

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Benefits of living on-site

All of our accommodation is very conveniently located, either on-site or very close by, putting you right at the heart of everything.

“Being in the middle of campus made it so easy to get involved in loads of activities – sports clubs, societies, events put on at the bar and also just walking around and finding new things out about the University. It was from this wandering around that I ended up getting involved with the Chaplaincy and their baking group. I ended up making some great friends there, some of which I’m still in contact with.”

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