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On Friday 7th February 2020, the University of Chester held a Graduation for International students. It was an excellent day celebrating the success of our international students.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working on my IBMS portfolio at the same time as acquiring valuable experience in Biomedical Science within an accredited laboratory. My aim is to become a HCPC-registered Biomedical Scientist in the UK thus expanding my career opportunities.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to utilise the skills, knowledge and experience gained from this course to sensitise the local communities in my home country and to implement strategies to control the spread of curable diseases such as malaria and also to minimise the spread of other diseases including typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera. I also hope to engage in research and development work in the medical field with research companies available in my country with an objective of finding future c

ures and developing treatments for major diseases and other illnesses. I also intend to help improve the existing drugs in the market by reducing their side effects or by producing new versions of the same product using different organic and synthetic compounds. The skills, knowledge and experience that I have acquired on the MSc Biomedical Science programme will equip me with the necessary skills to achieve my plans.

How would you summarise your time at the University of Chester?

When I first joined the University of Chester, I remember finding out quickly that there were others like me, who thought like me and even better. In truth I found it really hard to keep up with them. At first, I remember finding academic essay writing quite tricky but as time went by I picked up the skills and started feeling like I fitted in. I also quickly realised how beneficial it is to collaborate with friends both on the course and socially. My classmates and lecturers were great and made life in the University amazing. Although the depth of Biomedical Science was far beyond my undergraduate experience, I still made time to join several clubs available in the Chester Students’ Union. Jiujitsu was my favourite where I learnt street self-defence and maintaining a calm spirit. Reflecting back, I realise the University of Chester did not only grow me academically but also moulded my character for the best.

What would you consider the best thing about the course you studied?

Biomedical Science at the University of Chester covered all the topics that fascinated me, for instance blood science, clinical medicine, immunology and evidence-based medicine. The course has taught me how to be an independent learner who is always up to any challenge and has provided me with the qualities desired by most employers. This has created a huge chance for me to get employment in my line of study. The University of Chester is equipped with extensive modern facilities, a huge modern library, laboratory and research equipment, which ensured quality education in my chosen field. Additionally, due to University’s diversity, I have met people and made friends from all over the world through my time at the University.



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