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Why did you choose the University of Chester?

Primarily, I was attracted to the University of Chester due to the warm reception students from all parts of the world receive. It has students and staff drawn from across the UK, Europe, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh and more, resulting in a rich and diverse student community. Also, being a campus, the University provides resources to enhance the student experience which makes students feel supported and at home. The University also provides international students with the very best experience and support.

Why did you choose the course you are studying for?

Choosing my course was a fulfilment of a long-time passion to study a course that will allow me to acquire skills and knowledge in cell biology and molecular genetics. So, Biotechnology alongside its applications in medicine, cell culture and genetic engineering actually fitted into my interest perfectly.

What aspects of the course particularly interested you?

My particular areas of interest in this course were in the following areas: emerging molecular therapies for diagnosis and treatment of diseases especially at the genomic level, tissue culture and regenerative medicine, the practical sessions involving tissue culturing, DNA and RNA extraction, qPCR assay and RT-PCR.

What was your dissertation topic?

Assessment of antibiotic resistance genes in River Morda, Oswestry UK.

What are your plans for the future?

My future career plans are to further my education by going into a PhD program, hopefully at University of Chester or another UK university. I’d then like to secure a lecturing position either while in the study or after.

What advice would you give to future students?

My advice is to always use the feedbacks provided to improve writing in your next assessment. You should also reach out to the module or course Coordinator for any clarification or guidance if needed. Also, do not study in isolation, rather connect and network with other students in you programme and other programmes within and outside the University.

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