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Throughout my education, I have always enjoyed studying English, from the analytical and investigative nature of English Language to the freedom and exploration in English Literature. As an A2 student, I was studying both English Language and Literature and also Spanish. Like many other A-level students in their final year, I knew that I wanted to go on to higher education and study something that I loved at university; however, I was unsure of exactly what it was that I wanted to do.

After plenty of research, you’d have thought I would have come to sort of decision… but this was not the case. I decided that the only way that I would be able to decide what really drove me as a student would be to attend open days in order to gain a full understanding of what different courses could offer me.

The University of Chester had always been my first choice, but upon attending the open day I was absolutely blown away by the English Department. The introductory lectures for both English Language and Literature were so interesting and presented with such enthusiasm that I immediately felt a sense of belonging at the university. This was particularly important for me, as I was concerned that the leap from college to university would be like being a learner driver going on a busy motorway alone. However, I could not be more wrong. Members of staff in the Department, whether they are lecturers or part of the admin team, are always willing to help with any queries or problems that you may have and create such a strong bond between each other and with students that there truly is a sense of belonging. Knowing that my University experience is backed by me driving myself to succeed and my tutors supporting me to succeed has filled me with confidence.

I am currently coming to the end of my second year at the University of Chester and I can, with complete confidence, say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it - even the challenging bits! The course content for both English Language and Literature covers such a wide variety of topics and authors that I have always had something to sink my teeth into. The fact that I could choose which modules to study in my second and third years means that I have been able to tailor my experience of the course around my interests. At no point in my first two years of study have I lost interest or motivation!

Studying English Language and Literature isn’t just about learning the subject material, but also about developing lots of transferable skills. I am now planning to use the skills that I have acquired so far in my degree in my year’s study abroad starting this August. Being given the opportunity travel to another country and explore the different interpretations of the subject that you enjoy so much back home was another aspect of the course at Chester that highly appealed to me. During my year away at the University of Northern Colorado studying topics such as Folklore, Old English and British Romanticism, I also plan to think ahead to my dissertation, considering what further knowledge I could gain that I could use as the basis of my dissertation in either English Language or English Literature.

Taking this all into consideration, based on my experience, I would say that the BA English Language and Literature course at the University of Chester is perfect for those who want to dive right in to a brand new world of English and gain a well-rounded understanding of both English Language and English Literature. Despite its challenges, I am so grateful for my experience thus far at the University of Chester.

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