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I’m an ERASMUS+ student from Georgia. I earned the Medical Degree in 2018 from Akaki Tsereteli State University, Faculty of Medicine in Kutaisi, Georgia and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Chester. 

My interest in public health and health improvement stems from my experiences as a citizen, a medical doctor, and an educator. As a citizen  of Georgia, I am acutely aware of the lack of education about the importance of preventative care and health promotion in my country. I have watched people around me delay a visit to a doctor until they are critically ill. This is partly due to limited access to healthcare, but the biggest reason is that prevention and annual check-ups are not being reinforced or promoted by popular culture or the medical system in my country. Every day I hear of another person dying of cancer and another individual having a stroke and I wonder why more has not been done to possibly prevent this fatal outcome. The lecture schedule is so flexible and the lecturers are professional, caring and friendly, making it easier to reach our goal.

Real life experience- We all know that our time spent at university should be the best years of our lives. It is often the time we find ourselves, discover our true passions, leave our comfort zone, and explore new places. Studying at the University of Chester provides all of these opportunities. Whether for a few months, a year, or even for the duration of your studies, studying at the University of Chester is an opportunity to learn about a new culture, to meet new people, and to create memories unlike any other.

Uni accommodation -  is very comfortable. It is very important that you feel safe, it’s a great place to live and study. Staff are always on hand 24/7 if we have any kind of problems and we have flat chats with the Residential Life Manager about our life here.

Chester supports you - What is important is that the university takes care not only of learning but also of student development. There's a lot of support and activities for students. I'm a member of the Debate Club where we come together on Thursday evenings and talk about interesting topics, which helps us to improve our debate and communication skills.

Outcome - I see my role as an educator and a scholar who champions this in my country. I have the determination and curiosity to develop better research and policy advocacy skills and gain more knowledge and experience. I firmly believe this university will allow me to become a public health leader in my country and improve the lives of thousands of people around me. I think the knowledge and experience gained here is invaluable.

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