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I am a student of the MSc Management course at University of Chester (Queen’s Park campus). The University is located in Chester, a town in the North West of the UK. It’s a very historical, lovely and safe city. The city has antique buildings and old walls from the era of the Roman Empire. 

All the University campuses are within walking distance from each other, which not only saves transport costs but also provides you with the opportunity to walk through the historical walls and buildings, especially for those who are art and nature lovers. I am an international student so leaving my family and country for higher education wasn’t easy at all, but the University provided me with such a friendly environment and warm welcome that I soon started enjoying my stay here. They have various wonderful services such as:

  • Pickup service from airport 24/7
  • Continuous help in finding suitable accommodation (either on campus or off campus)
  • Orientation week to develop your connections 
  • Assigning peers to students to help them in the transition to higher education and managing minor worries

They also held a development week for new-comers to learn some writing, referencing and presenting skills so that new students don’t face problems when it comes to assignments. When I came, I attended each and every session in development week, which later on helped me in accomplishing my projects and assignments. I learnt referencing and academic writing skills during these sessions. 

Courses and Lecturers
The University provides around 200 courses. Lecturers are very cooperative and approachable. Class halls are large and comfortable. Lecturers know how to engage everyone during class. They created smaller groups which helped me to develop not only a better understanding of concepts, but also helped me to make many good friends from various backgrounds. Teaching methods are very unique with many activities that we do during class, which promotes confidence and presentation skills. 

Volunteering Opportunities
Many students who face loneliness or have extra time can join University volunteering and mentoring activities. They have volunteering opportunities in many areas, from gardening and animals, to taking care of the elderly and the poor, and providing mentorship to new students. This is how I am spending my time, as well as learning, side by side. 

Careers and Employability
The Careers and Employability department of the University is very active. They equip students with the soft skills required for jobs and they prepare you for job fairs. They have helped me write my resume, helped me to search and apply for jobs, and they have also given me interview tips that are very useful. They provide students with career counselling if you aren’t clear what to do next. The University also has a Work Based Learning module on almost every single undergraduate course, which gives students the chance to work 4-5 weeks in a partner organisation to gain hands-on experience during their studies. 

In short, I would like to say my experience at the University of Chester has been very lovely with a lot of good memories. The University always helps me whenever I need them, either mentally or academically. Lecturers always respond to my queries in no time. The Volunteering department and mentoring scheme helped me to be there for those students facing problems initially to fit into a new environment. Overall, the University is very cooperative and student-friendly in all matters.

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