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First of all, can you say a little bit about why you chose to study Creative Writing at the University of Chester?

I felt that Chester as a space would offer me great support as a writer, as it would give me a clean break from home and I would be free to explore in and around the city.

You are now coming to the end of your third year. Looking back, what have been your favourite parts of studying Creative Writing?​ And what has been most useful?

I think the people I've met whilst on the course, lecturers and students alike, have been invaluable to me during my time here. Also, receiving clear and honest feedback has helped me develop a sharper critical eye too, which has been useful in the development of my writing.

As an Exchange student, you spent 2017-18, the last academic year, living and studying in Sweden. Has this enriched your creative writing, and did your creative writing in turn help you to get more out of the experience of being abroad?

I believe I benefitted enormously from travelling in regards to my writing. I came across a numerous amount of new and exciting things to write about, as well as picking up a new language in which to explore its own poetic range, too. Creative Writing also helped me to be infinitely more fascinated by the new experiences around me, to connect and immerse myself and then reflect later on what I had done. 

I know that you are involved with a number of extra-curricular activities which are connected to your Creative Writing studies. Could you tell us a little about those?

I co-edit a small literary zine called Foxtrot Uniform, which has recently published its fourth issue as well as two individual pamphlets, both by University of Chester graduates. I also co-edit the University magazine, Pandora’s Box, and co‑host the open-mic nights, which is an ideal space for Creative Writing students to test out their work to an audience to improve their performance skills.

Thanks, Reece. How do you see Creative Writing helping you with your career when you finish your BA studies?

Creative Writing has taught me to be flexible in my outlook, that anything I read, see, hear and so on can be incorporated into my writing. Workshopping has given me analytical skills as well as a resilience to be unafraid to share my ideas and listen to others, which will be key in work environments requiring co-operation.

What have you enjoyed most about the course and other aspects of life as a student at the University of Chester?

I've enjoyed meeting creatively-minded people (lecturers and students alike), which only serves to help your writing improve. I've also found Chester to be a very inspiring city, especially coming from the other side of the country, and the cities that surround it which are bustling with life and opportunity.

Finally, can I ask if you have any advice for current Creative Writing students at the University of Chester, or for potential students?

For me, I would encourage students to have their work heard as much as they can, as they will not only feel a rise in self-esteem but also see their work slowly improve through a combination of hearing other's people's thoughts and being able to reflect on what they have shared. Finally, I'd recommend a study abroad programme to everyone, as I have found it invaluable to try something radically different, and it has had a positive impact on my final year here, too. 


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