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Try to get involved in as many opportunities as you can.

Especially in the first few weeks. The more things you do, the more people you meet and the more you can figure out what you’ll enjoy doing at uni (and what you might not).

Manage your time and your assignments well. 

Make lots of notes, and don’t lose track of what needs doing and when. If you stay on top of everything, you’re sure to be less overwhelmed with all your university commitments in the long term.

Consider joining a society that matches your interests. 

There are plenty to join and they’re themed around lots of different things, so there will definitely be one that you’ll enjoy. Whether it means that you’re able to continue with a pre-university pastime or try out a new one, societies are a way to meet new people with similar interests and provide a welcome break from university academia. Societies are free, and most meet up weekly, so you’ll become familiar with lots of people and see them on a regular basis, meaning that societies are a good way to build strong friendships. Society Night takes place in Chester on Wednesdays; this is a perfect opportunity to meet up with your society in a more relaxed social setting, as well as to become more familiar with what the city of Chester has to offer.  

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, but not too far. 

It’s always important to try everything once because you’ll never know what you might enjoy, who you might meet and what you might learn. However, don’t do anything that you know you won’t enjoy, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. There are lots of different people at university, with lots of different likes and dislikes – you're bound to find someone with interests like yours. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything – it's okay to say no to something you don’t enjoy, and people will be more understanding than you think. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

There are many different support services at the University for whatever issues you may face. It's expected that you may face a few problems throughout university, be it personal, social, or academic. There’s always someone willing to help you. A quick search of the University website will lead you in the right direction of who to contact (and how). Everyone at the University is keen to make students’ experiences comfortable, happy and so they feel supported. No student is on their own at the University, so be sure to ask for help when you need it, even if you feel as though the issue is only small.

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