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Hello! My name is Charis, I am 21 years old from Chester. I am currently going into my third year studying International Tourism Management at the University of Chester, Chester Business School. During my second year, I have undertaken some work experience in Digital Marketing, which has led me to gain more experience in the working industry.

Thinking back to when I first started at University of Chester, the first week was overwhelming but also exciting. You are starting a huge new chapter in your life, so it is not surprising if you experience some mixed emotions. By the first week or two, I was fully settled in my accommodation and my campus. 

Here are my 10 top tips for a student starting university:

1. Do some research. If you're moving away from home for the first time, it can feel quite daunting. Familiarise yourself with the surrounding area. Maybe Visit Chester before you move?

2. Connect with other students on your course before the academic year starts. There are Facebook groups to help new starters and you can even meet your flatmates before you arrive.

3. Ask the University about transport. The Chester Business School is further away from the main campus (Parkgate) so it can be useful finding options on how to travel there. Unless you're a walker, in which case the Chester Business School is only a 25-minute walk from the Parkgate Road campus! 

4. Take advantage of the library. It’s a good place to base yourself in between lectures and seminars for working and it can be good to work with friends around!

5. Speak to your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) along with all other University of Chester’s support services - from careers to wellbeing. They are there to support you from just before you arrive right through to when you finish, and I’ve always been able to ask my PAT for any help – even if they didn’t know the answer, they helped point me in the right direction.  

6. Throw yourself into extracurricular activities - you might just find a new hobby. There are plenty of societies to join, it is just about finding the right one that suits your interests. 

7. Start your work as soon as it has been set. (I know everyone always says this, but it really does help!)

8. Take notes in your lectures. When I started taking notes in my lectures, they became very useful when completing assignments. Taking notes helps information sink in better whether it’s writing them on paper or your laptop. You can’t expect your brain to remember everything! 

9. Back up your work e.g. on Cloud, One Drive, or a Pen Drive (work can easily be lost/deleted - not good right before the deadline!).

10. Don't be afraid to ask for help. University is a huge step from school / college so there may be tasks you’re unsure on. During my first year, my academic skills were lacking which led me to ask my PAT for help, and they referred me to Study Skills which were so helpful. 

I hope these are helpful tips. Good luck to all the first-year students starting this September, exciting years to come for you all! You will not believe how quick time passes by, so enjoy it while you can! Just remember, the staff at University of Chester offer plenty of guidance and help for you all. --

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