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The sleeve for Get Over It.

Get Over It by Ali Reece x Joe Jennings was created entirely by students taking Music programmes at the University of Chester and is accompanied by an extensive package of student remixes, which have helped propel it into this prestigious chart featuring the likes of Sigala and Becky Hill.

The project was started by Music Production Programme Leader Jim Mason, after unexpected success in the same chart with a student project back in 2018. 

Jim said: "I heard (singer and songwriter) Ali's downtempo ballad about the struggles of moving on after the end of a relationship and I knew that talented producer Joe could turn it into an incredible pop-dance crossover, and he did.”

Ali Reece.jpg

Singer-songwriter Ali Reece.
Singer-songwriter Ali Reece.

With such confidence in the track, a video was made and students on the Remixing module contributed the remixes that have helped make the package so attractive to DJs. 

Jim added: “Students on our Remixing module have worked so hard to get great quality remixes accepted for the package, so there is so much student talent on show here."

Ali, who is 22 and from Torbay, South Devon, said: "This track is the first one I've ever collaborated with anyone on, and working with Joe on it has been really fun. We both work really well together, and have new tracks in the pipeline.

“Seeing Get Over It enter the Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart was a surreal moment, knowing people are liking our track is so fulfilling, and for me feels like a hugely positive step in the right direction for establishing myself as a singer-songwriter."

Joe Jennings.jpg

Producer Joe Jennings.
Producer Joe Jennings.

Joe, 20, from near Wem, Shropshire, added: “Similarly to Ali, this is also the first collaboration I’ve been a part of. We've both spent so much time on this track and it’s an absolutely amazing feeling knowing that clubs around the UK are playing the track enough for it to enter the Commercial Pop Club Chart. Even though this is our first track together it's doing really well so far, so I can't wait to release more tracks with Ali.”

The track has already had extensive exposure on radio and is gathering steam as a result of this latest club chart success. The project is now due for significant exposure on Chester’s Dee Radio from March 28 onwards.

The lead single and remixes are available on Spotify and Apple Music.

To watch the video, please visit:

The club chart where the single enters at number 30 can be viewed at: (Get Over It can be seen from about six minutes into the video). The new charts, which are updated Friday evening, every week, can also be followed from:

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