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From left to right: Students Billie Taylor, Lucy Bance and Beth Jones.

Everyone taking part can sample a cake at each stop on the trail, being held in aid of Lingen Davies Cancer Fund on Saturday, March 12. They will also have the chance to score each of the cakes they try, to determine the People’s Choice Baker of Shrewsbury 2022.

The three Events and Festivals Management students wanted to create a fun event for people of all ages, as well as drumming up support for some of Shrewsbury’s businesses.

Beth Jones, from the trio, said: “After all the lockdowns and restrictions of the last two years, we felt a new event would help to promote the town’s brilliant bakers and cafés.

“This will be a fun-filled day out in Shrewsbury’s town centre, enjoying delicious cakes and treats. We are aiming to welcome around 250 attendees throughout the day, who will all be given a welcome pack at the start of the trail, including a booklet containing information about the chosen bakeries and their checkpoints on a detailed route, a wooden fork, a napkin and a wristband.”

Fellow student and organiser, Billie Taylor further explained: “The seven bakeries announced so far, which include The Shed and Cafe on the Cop, will become designated checkpoints, where each attendee will receive a small slice of cake and will get their booklet stamped by a volunteer.

“Inside the booklet there will also be a scoring card which will ask attendees to rate and score the cakes received at each checkpoint based on factors such as looks, taste and consistency.”

After the trail, the events team will announce the People’s Choice Baker of Shrewsbury.

All proceeds from the Shrewsbury Cake Trail will be donated to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. The student team’s Lucy Bance added: “Lingen Davies is a local charity close to our hearts. They ensure that people from the community who might be facing cancer are given the best possible support. We really want to raise as much money as we can for this important local charity.”

Tickets will be released soon, priced at £12.50. For more updates, including when tickets will be available, please visit: or email:

Further information can also be found on Facebook and Instagram by following @theshrewsburycaketrail.


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