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The Women’s Football team at the University’s Warrington Campus organised and took part in a rowathon to raise money for Women In Sport.

The event was devised by Lucy Morris, 20, from Tenby in Pembrokeshire and Safina Hussain, 20 from Cannock, who both are studying Policing, with their team mates and students from the Football and Rugby teams.

The students started the day at 6am by setting up gazebos on campus with the rowing starting at 7am. Taking it in shifts, the group rowed until 7pm, covering the entire length of the English Channel – 350 miles or 560,000m – despite a thunderstorm!

Lucy said: “The idea came from when we had a committee meeting we said we wanted to do something different that other teams wouldn't have thought of, and something that was a challenge that would have to work towards! It was a lot of planning and hard work, but it was a great day, so well worth it.

“So far we have raised over £500. We are all very proud of everyone who took part and to raise so much before Christmas too.”

Hayley Braddock, Fitness Facilities Co-ordinator at the Warrington Campus, said: “I’m really proud of Lucy and the Women’s Football team for completing this gruelling task, especially with all of the weather issues they faced. Women In Sport is a great charity to raise awareness and highlight the achievements of women, not only in sport, but also in society.”

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