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The students had already looked at the Singapore Supertrees as an example of innovation in visitor attractions and were then privileged to hear first-hand how Chester may soon have its very own Supertrees. 

Chester Supertrees Project Coordinator Steve explained how he was inspired by Sir David Attenborough and the BBC's Planet Earth II 'Cities' episode, to increase biodiversity in Chester, through the use of Supertrees. The Supertrees are tree-shaped metal structures that are planted to encourage insects and birds. Steve showed plans for the site at Hoole Way Roundabout, which also include educational murals and seating to provide a pleasant leisure space.

From small beginnings the project has grown and Steve now has support ranging from local community organisations to Chester Zoo. 

Tourism lecturer Dr Ann Hindley said: “To be able to consider innovation in tourism right here on our doorstep and to see how it would shape Chester as a visitor attraction from a sustainable and ethical tourism perspective has been fantastic.”

“The project sounds amazing and Steve has certainly inspired our students and helped them realise that they too can be innovative.”

Final year student Rhianna Rees, who is studying International Tourism Management with a year’s placement in industry, said: The way that Steve presented an innovative way of using supertrees to combat the issue of climate change was incredibly engaging. His determination to save our planet is extremely inspiring and educating for others, just what is needed to form a collaborative effort at meeting global sustainability.”


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