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Flooding in Chester

‘Flood disadvantage: a national and international perspective’ will consider the need for a socially just approach to flood risk. The event takes place today (Thursday, March 12) at the University’s Parkgate Road Campus.

The talk will be delivered by Dr Servel Miller, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and International Development, and Paul Cobbing CEO of the National Flood Forum*. It will focus on the need to develop dialogue between researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and stakeholders (academics, planners, environmental advocacy groups and environmental law professionals) who have a strong interest in a new kind of approach to flood management.

Research into flood disadvantage and social justice is a response to the rising significance of floods and flood-related issues in the UK, and the need to promote a ‘socially just approach’ to the problems of flood risk. 

Dr Miller said: “People at risk of flood hazards are not always affected equally. Flooding can have a disproportionate impact on communities that are more socially and economically vulnerable. Some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK are at risk of flooding. Due to financial and social constraints, these communities are not as well defended against floods and lack the appropriate mechanisms (eg access to insurance) to effectively prepare and respond to flood events.  The inability to adequately prepare and mitigate the impact of floods have the potential to contributing to flood disadvantage and ‘flood poverty’.

“To effectively tackle flood disadvantage, considerations need to be given to strategies to effectively reduce socio-economic vulnerability, as well as reducing exposure of the population to flood hazards. Knowing who is hit hardest, how much they lose and how they can cope better with floods can help improve preventive action as well as post-disaster support.”  

The event takes place today, Thursday, March 12, at 4pm to 5.30pm, in Best Building CBB017. To book, please visit:

 Notes to Editors

*The National Flood Forum is a charity set up by people at risk of flooding.  It supports and represents people by:

1.   Helping people who have flooded to recover, particularly in the long term. 

2.   Supporting individuals and communities to work with risk management authorities to tackle their flood risk issues.

3.   Seeking to change policy and operational delivery.

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