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The business brains behind the innovative PelliTec Blister Prevention pad first started working at the University of Chester site in 2016, where they spent three years developing their innovative product.

PelliTec is a novel blister prevention pad, which has been shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of blisters and helping them heal.

Launched in 2019, the product has gone from strength to strength with sales of the pad coming in from around the globe and this success is set to continue throughout 2021 with the team announcing a new UK distributor – DLT Podiatry.

Peter Broxton, Director of the PelliTec, said: “We’ve had an incredible five years and have seen the success of our blister prevention pad soar. DLT Podiatry joining the roster of companies agreeing to distribute our product demonstrates the belief that we have, knowing that it works and really helps people who suffer from hotspots and blisters.

 “As a team, we’re really excited for the next 12 months because we have a packed year of activities planned, including product launches and further product innovation, as well as developing key strategic partnerships.

“Being based at Thornton Science Park has provided lots of benefits for Tectores. We have access to great facilities and also the skills and expertise of staff and students. For example, the University’s Strategic Economic Development Unit is undertaking a real-world validation study on blister prevention with the Royal College of Podiatry, plus we have built a great relationship with Jenny Murray, a second-year Marketing student, who completed a detailed analysis of the UK footcare market and will be working closely with us in the future.”

Dr Martin Morlidge, Commercial Development Manager at Thornton Science Park, added: “The success of Tectores is testament to how Thornton Science Park and the University of Chester are supporting innovative business ideas from conception to realisation.

“We are delighted to have played a part in helping the team at Tectores on their journey to success and look forward to seeing how this develops in the future.”


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