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As a university city, Chester has a lively nightlife, especially during term time. There’s a massive list of places to go with atmospheres ranging from cosy and relaxed to vibrant and energetic. There are cocktail bars, wine bars, clubs galore and live music on most nights.

Here's a quick overview of clubs, cocktail bars, pubs and the CSU Varsity Bar, with a few essential tips along the way!



There are three prominent nightclubs in the city. The most popular of which is Rosies. Located in a Tudor building on Northgate Street, Rosies is many students' first choice for a lively night out. It features three floors with multiple rooms, each with a different genre of music. RnB and 70s classics appear constantly (I’ve heard many an ABBA song on a Monday night!).

It’s open every night of the week except for Thursdays and Sundays until the early hours. The fact that multiple bars are open at any one time ensures that the wait time for a drink is minimal.

Rosies also hosts numerous events every single week. From traffic light parties to ‘Gender Blenders’ every Tuesday night, Rosies have a variety of nights out to suit everyone’s needs. 

My favourite thing about Rosies is that in the event you don’t like the music they’re playing on one floor, all you’ve got to do is move to a different floor in order to experience an entirely new atmosphere.

Off The Wall

Doubling as a pub by day, Off The Wall provides a space for watching the game or dancing your heart out. Live sports are shown daily, including Six Nations 2023 and food is served that caters for all. One aspect that’s truly quite enticing is the student discounts that the University of Chester students receive on food and drinks. All you need to do is sign up to UniCrew to stay within that weekly student budget.

Cocktail Bars

Chester is home to numerous noteworthy cocktail bars which serve both alcoholic versions and non-alcoholic mocktails. The most popular in town are Popcorn, a trendy bar with floral décor, and Bonobo, a stylish hang-out on John Street. For a more down-to-earth experience, The Cellar or The Red Door are wonderful equivalents.


Popcorn is very popular among all ages. It’s home to cocktail masterclasses and a private drinking den which can be pre-booked for a chill evening in luxury. A recently renovated outdoor area brings the spring and summer vibes into reality.

A range of winter cocktails are always within reach, my go-to being the Blackberry Margarita. Make sure you visit on a Friday night for Après Work 2-4-1 cocktails!


Palm is another cocktail bar that’s similar to Popcorn. It’s situated on Watergate street and its pink aesthetic is definitely Instagrammable! It serves afternoon tea and a bottomless brunch every Sunday.

The Red Door

The Red Door is a must-do experience if you plan to be in Chester at any point. It features a ‘throwback’ atmosphere, with disco, RnB and every genre in between. Their cocktails not only taste delightful but look prize-worthy. They serve traditional drinks from back in the day, modern favourites, and their very own Red Door creations. The Red Door also offers masterclasses to perfect those drink-pouring skills!

Pubs and Bars

There’s no shortage of traditional pubs in the city - from Wetherspoons to The Red Lion, all needs are met, while Music Hall Tap by the Cathedral acts as a more modern pub.


You know Wetherspoons already - affordable with a great all-around atmosphere. With one Wetherspoons on either side of town, can you really go wrong?    

The CSU Bar

Chester Students' Union has a Varsity Bar on the Exton Park site which is perfect for anyone who is staying in student accommodation nearby.

They’ve recently begun serving cocktail pitchers in a range of delicious flavours. I’d recommend having a couple of drinks here on a Wednesday night while all the societies plan their next wild night out.

There are pool tables and darts to keep you entertained on more quiet nights and a typical American menu to keep your hunger to a minimum.

After all that, I have one last essential piece of information for you: the weekly rota of best places to go for a Chester student night out!

  • Monday: Student night in most clubs, I recommend Rosies.
  • Tuesday: Most bars are open for a quiet drink with friends. 
  • Wednesday: Society socials night means the CSU Bar, followed by Rosies or Off The Wall.
  • Thursday: A night for a couple of cocktails in the city.
  • Friday: Popcorn, Bonobo or Palm for sophisticated drinks before heading to Off The Wall and then Rosies.
  • Saturday: You’ve got a choice of the lot - everywhere is jam-packed!
  • Sunday: Usually less busy, but everyone needs a rest day! Why not go for lunch or a coffee and plan your next night out!

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