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The lecture, given by the science journalist, broadcaster and author Angela Saini,  was called ‘What science got wrong about women’. Angela showed how ground-breaking research is finally uncovering a new portrait of women’s role in evolution – and in the history of science. It was attended by pupils from Ysgol Rhosnesni, Elfed High School in Buckley, Riverside College in Widnes, as well as by members of the public and students and staff at the University.

Writing in Ysgol Rhosnesni’s science newsletter for Easter, 13 year old Aaliya said that she was proud to have been one of the girls chosen to attend. She said: “Angela talked about how, for centuries, the world was male-dominated and that females were always thought to do the cooking and cleaning. Listening to what Angela Saini had to say, I felt very inspired by her and her approach to challenging male-dominated societies.”

Lucy from Year 8 also attended the event. She said: “The lecture made me realise how male-dominated the world is and how women have really made an impact on the world.”

Her class colleague at Ysgol Rhosnesni, Caitlin, added: “I really enjoyed the lecture. It was eye opening to see the new opportunities and how opinions to women in science changed for the good – and that science is not just for men.”

Head of Science at Ysgol Rhosnesni, Paul Jenkins, said: “We have some amazingly talented scientists at Rhosnesni, who intend to study medicine, sciences or engineering at University. Events like this go a long way to breaking down gender stereotypes.”

Ysgol Rhosnesni Headteacher, Andy Brant, added: “It is so important that we have the highest of aspirations for our students. This type of event really can inspire and motivate youngsters to challenge inequality. Our participants are certainly now aiming higher; striving for an exciting and rewarding career of their choice.”

Angela Lupton, the University of Chester’s Higher Education STEM Co-ordinator, said: “I am absolutely delighted that Angela Saini’s lecture has had such a positive impact on the aspiring female scientists who came from Ysgol Rhosnesni. We have had similar positive feedback from the other schools who attended. Our aim with our annual International Women’s Day events at Thornton is to mark and celebrate women in science – and to encourage the next generation too – so it’s lovely to see that we’ve hit the mark!”

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