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Chester is a beautiful city, with so much to do and see, but that is not the only reason that I have loved living and studying in Chester for the past three years, and below I am going to tell you why.

Reason 1

Everything is easily accessible. I am not kidding. Chester is a relatively small city, which makes getting around super easy! As I can’t drive, being able to get everywhere quickly and easily is great. From the University I can walk and end up anywhere pretty much within half an hour, meaning that my step goal is always hit (which is a bonus). If I want to go further, for example to Cheshire Oaks or to Liverpool, the public transport is great and is almost always reliable (expect it to be busy on race days!), meaning that it’s never a hassle for me to not be able to drive or have a car.

Reason 2

The transport leads me on to my next reason which is shopping. Chester city centre has a wide variety of shops from high street fashion to independent stores. This means that when I go shopping, I have a wide variety of places to go and bargains to find in order to find exactly what I am looking for. For those who love bargains, Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is a short bus ride or car journey and is a great day out. My favourite time to go there is Christmas as they have a giant Christmas tree that you can walk inside of and cute little German market style pop-up food places completing the atmosphere.

Reason 3

Seasons. There hasn’t been a single season in Chester that I haven't enjoyed. Chester in spring is just beautiful, with daffodils blossoming by the river and the squirrels out playing in the park, Chester just becomes very picturesque, and I find it hard to not constantly want to go outside and wander around and take in its beauty, even when it is raining!


Then in summer there is so much to do from outdoor cinemas and plays in Grosvenor Park, to race days and boat rides. Every year I look forward to exams being over so I can go and enjoy and make the most of summer in Chester.





When summer ends and autumn arrives, the streets become littered with red and orange leaves, and the canal is my favourite place to walk along as it leads you to the Roman Walls and along to the river, which is the perfect walk in any season, but it is my favourite to do in autumn.





Finally, winter, and Christmas is where Chester comes alive.  The Christmas markets appear and the light switch-on takes place with a parade of the ‘12 days of Christmas’ and you can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit.



Reason 4

The history of the city is fascinating and always present. Walking the entire length of the Roman Walls is a must, and can be enjoyed in any weather. In summer there are tour buses so you can discover even more about the city, and its weird yet wonderful past. Chester also has a Roman Amphitheatre and a museum that highlights all of its fascinating Roman history.

Reason 5

The restaurants and cafes. Chester has a great mixture of both chain and independent cafes and restaurants, meaning that there is a large variety of choice depending on your mood. Both the chain and independent places do really well and are well supported by the locals and students. Because Chester has so many, it is always nice when you discover a new place in a corner or side-street you didn’t know was there. Some of my favourites include The Flower Cup and Hanky Panky Pancakes, which are both independently owned and provide amazing food and coffee.



Reason 6

All the previous points have been about the city as a whole, but this last one is going to be about the University. The University of Chester has given me the most amazing support and opportunities throughout my degree, from basic support in assignment writing and the transitions from A-level to university, to giving me the opportunity to live and study abroad in Australia for a year. I wouldn’t have developed and succeed as much as I have without all of the University’s support systems and that, along with the other reasons listed above, is why I love Chester.

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