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As a Nursing student during COVID-19, my experience of being a student nurse is probably very different to the experiences of those prior to the pandemic. However, I am here to let you know my top three reasons why you should apply for an undergraduate Nursing degree at The University of Chester.

A chance to make lifelong friends.

Although studying during the pandemic was challenging, enrolling on the course at Chester has still been the best decision I’ve made. I will not only be graduating in some months’ time, but I have also gained some of the most amazing and nurturing friendships, with people that share the same passion for the profession as myself. Whether you bond over (not so medically accurate) episodes of Grey's Anatomy, embarrassing interactions on placement or share a mutual sense of confusion over an assignment brief, the fellow Nursing student friends you make will hold a special place in your heart forever.

Diverse placement and future career opportunities.

One of the many positive aspects of being a student is the exploration of different clinical areas through placements. If you’re like me (unsure of what field of nursing to go into upon qualifying), be comforted by the fact that you’re not the only one who feels like this! Luckily, one of the main benefits of being assigned to different placements throughout your three years of study, is the provision of insight into a plethora of diverse healthcare settings (medical, surgical, primary, rehabilitation, community and forensics). If towards the end of your training you’re still unsure of which direction to go, fear not, as you will be supported by the University to make the right choices for you!  So, whether you decide to work for the NHS or for private sectors, on the wards or in the community, you will find an array of professional areas and specialities to apply your skillset to, as well as avenues to develop your knowledge and expertise on. Both student and qualified nurses are instilled with the mantra that the profession holds a commitment to lifelong learning. So why not challenge yourself along the way by delving into something you may not have previously considered? Regardless of which area of expertise you pursue, be assured that there are many possibilities to progress and change pathways.

An opportunity to learn new things about yourself.

Within nursing culture, there is a huge emphasis on professional identity, reflection, development and commitment to lifelong learning. Of course, there will be occasions that are challenging both physically and mentally. This shouldn’t be perceived as a deterrent, but rather an opportunity to build up your ideal sense of resilience, and to indulge in hobbies and interests which promote your ideal sense of work-life balance. As a student nurse, you will be thrilled by the level of support from your peers and seniors, take the time to digest and reflect upon criticism and feedback but remember to appreciate your accomplishments and successes.


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