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Plan your day.

To get the most out of your Applicant Day you need to be prepared and plan your day in advance, so make sure you are on time and know where and when to find course workshops. Upon arrival you will receive a detailed schedule for the day and a map, so don’t worry, you will easily find your way around.

Attend your subject workshops.

Attend your course workshops to get familiar with the subject and the facilities. It’s a great way of getting a taste of what an everyday lecture works like. You will be surrounded by your peer offer-holders and possible future coursemates, so try to relax and have fun. During workshops, your lecturers will illustrate the different modules composing the course, with all the possible combinations in case of a combined course, their teaching style, and how students are assessed.

Talk to lecturers.

During your Applicant Day, you will have the chance to meet several staff members, who will take time to talk to each attendee, sharing their experience and asking about your aspirations and interests. Don’t be shy, they will want to get to know you to help you make the most out of your day and make you feel confident enough to come back in September. By talking to your department’s leaders and tutors you will have the chance to know more about the opportunities your course offers, such as working experiences, volunteering, and job prospects after completing your degree.

Talk to current students.

To get the most out of your experience make sure you talk to current students, who will tell you about their experience in more detail. You will be able to ask them questions, about their life at the University of Chester, and will receive some advice on how to prepare yourself to start university in September. By chatting with them you will get a taste of what Chester feels like for a student and why they like it and why they chose their course. They will explain how lectures work, what they have studied, and possibly what challenges await them, such as assignments, jobs, work placements or study abroad programmes.

Join a campus tour.

Attending a campus tour will give you a taste of a student’s everyday life. You will be able to join a campus tour both on the main site (Exton Park) and on the other satellite locations (Wheeler, Queen’s Park and Creative Campus, Kingsway). You will have the opportunity to wander around the spaces that you will use more often at your course location, like catering outlets, libraries and lecture theatres. Exton Park could be where you live if you decide to stay in university accommodation, and it is a great opportunity to see things like the main gym, the Chester Student Union and students’ favourite spots, as well as a variety of services provided by the University.

Find out more and book your Applicant Day.

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