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Not all of our courses involve an interview, but if you have applied for a practical or vocational course, you may be invited to attend an audition or interview with your department in order to progress your application.

Nearly everyone gets nervous before an interview, but some careful planning and preparation in advance should help you keep calm, confident and well on your way to interview success.

Which courses?

The following courses at the University of Chester hold interviews or auditions:

Do your research

Ultimately, universities want to gauge whether interviewees are suitable for, and enthusiastic about, the course they have applied for.  So, make sure you’ve fully researched the course, and come prepared with your own questions – this is your chance to find out whether it’s right for you, as well as the other way around.

You can expect to be asked about your personal statement, so make time to reacquaint yourself with this and prepare for questions about your interests and experiences.  This will make it easier to ensure you always link your interview answers back to your own experiences. It’s also a good idea to brush up on current affairs within your sector, so you are well equipped to give your thoughts if asked about topical issues relating to your subject.

Plan ahead

Don’t forget the practicalities.  Read your interview invitation letter and guidance thoroughly and make a list of things to prepare.  Where will the interview take place, and what time?  Do you need to book travel in advance?  Do you need to prepare for a presentation or practical task?  Is there a specified dress code?  If this isn’t mentioned, smart attire is best as it shows you’re taking the occasion seriously and professionally (although you might need something more comfy if it’s a dance audition!).  Try to get a good night’s sleep before the big day!

On the day

Aim to get there early so you can avoid feeling rushed and flustered, and have a contact phone number handy so you can let us know just in case you’re delayed.  Try and maintain good body language when in a formal interview situation: try not to fidget; sit up straight and make eye contact.

Keep calm and keep smiling!

Attending an interview or audition day is an opportunity to meet other like-minded potential students and share your knowledge and passion for your subject - so try and enjoy it.  Some nerves are to be expected, but just try and remember that everyone else will be feeling the same, no matter how confident they might appear!  Try and be supportive and encouraging to other applicants as well.

Staff want to know that they are selecting students who are passionate about the course and will make a positive contribution to the student community, so take the time to chat with staff and current students.

Next steps

After the interview, it’s a good idea to make some notes of your impressions or any important information you were given on the day.  Don’t hesitate to contact your department or our Admissions team if you have any questions you forgot to ask.  We'll aim to get back to you with your interview or audition outcome as soon as possible.  If you are made an offer this will show in UCAS track and you will also receive a letter from us with all the details.

Good luck!

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